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Alan Wake 2 has you exploring the mystery of a cult in the area of Bright Falls, and they've left their stashes all over the 3 main areas of the game. Here's where to find every Alan Wake 2 Cult Stash and the solutions to each of their puzzles, 22 in all.

One thing to note, there is a map in Watery that will show you the location of every Cult Stash across the map, and that's about half to two-thirds of the way into the game, in the Break Room of the Kalevala Knights Workshop.

Here's the breakdown of how many stashes are at each location:

  • Cauldron Lake - 5
  • Watery - 8
  • Bright Falls - 9

I still created an individual map for each area below, to make them easy to reference!

Cauldron Lake Cult Stashes Map, Locations, and Solutions

Cauldron Lake has 5 Cult Stashes for you to find throughout the area. You won't be able to get them all your first visit.

A map of every cult stash lunchbox location in Cauldron Lake in alan wake 2

Stash 1 - Small Cabin Behind the Crime Scene, Solve using the hint on the box – you have to go to the 3 places and choose the symbols on the lock in order, that are near each thing mentioned. 

Stash 2 - Found on the very south Side of the Cauldron Lake Shore, you unlock this by mimicking the lit buttons. 

  • Note: This include Inventory Upgrade 2. 

Stash 3 - Found near Witch’s Ladle, behind a tree next to the camping table. This isn’t available until after you complete Chapter 3. Follow the yellow arrows to the key. 

Stash 4 - Found just below the Private Cabin to the southeast. The clues are “rock, rock, tree” which each have a corresponding set of numbers in yellow paint on them. The order is: rock next to the stash, then the rock across the stream, then the tree. Just a bit of math to get them!

image of a cult stash found in a cabin in Alan Wake 2

Stash 5 - Once you get the Bolt Cutters, you can find this in Cabin #1 at Cauldron Lake's Rental Cabins. You'll need to head through Cabin 3, under the tree and through the Cabin to your right. Look for the tree marked "2" near a broken down truck to find the key.

Watery Cult Stashes Map, Locations, and Solutions

Watery has 8 Cult Stashes for you to find, you can't get all 8 in your first visit. See the full map below:

A map of every cult stash lunchbox location in watery in alan wake 2

Stash 6 - You'll find this shortly after making your way to Watery and entering the Woods. After defeating a Taken in the woods, continue further and turn to the right just before a sign with a map on it. Mimic the code on the lock to break this one open. 

Stash 7 - Right after Stash 5 in Watery, you’ll approach a small cabin that you can power up to become a break room. Across from the door is another Stash for you. The code is based on the Arrows on numbers nearby – 1 arrow, first number. 2 arrows, second. 3 arrows, 3rd. Unlocking this will get you the Crossbow

Stash 8 - Inside Coffee World, you’ll find this directly to the left of the Ferris Wheel. Look at the Wheel, and use the numbers on specific cups (Striped) to get the combination to the lock. You may have to try a few combos depending on when you see the first number, but the order is definitely right-to-left. 

Stash 9 - Inside Coffee World, you’ll find this in the Huotari Well area on the northern side of it. The hint on top says “What hides behind the smile” with an image. To get the key, head towards the front and across from Mocha the Moose, there’s a massive smiling coffee pot which you can get slightly behind to find this key on the ground. 

Stash 10 - Once you’ve completed the main task in Coffee World (no spoilers) - the flooding will subside and you can go further into the trailer park. You’ll find this to the right, after passing by a car, and there’s no note giving you a clue. If you head inside the house using the screwdriver to unlock the lock – you'll find a note on the computer about the key being moved. Head back outside, and to the right – you'll see a power meter next to a box with a blue tarp and a ramp leading up to it – climb up to find the key on top. 

Stash 11 - In Watery near the lighthouse, you’ll find a jumpup near where the truck is towards the top. The solution is the symbols next to the Diamond, the II, and the III. Once completed, if you look over the edge – you'll see an area you can walk down to along the road. This is where you’ll pick up the Lighthouse Charm

Image of a math puzzle for a cult stash in Alan Wake 2

Stash 12 (math problem) - In Watery Downtown, you’ll find this on the dock on the very back corner behind 3 blue boxes. The solution is a doozy if you hate math, but the answer is 496.  

Wanna know the equation? Here’s how I solved it: 

  1. X+2X+128+X 
  2. Combine this to be 4x+128 
  3. Subtract 128 to get 1472 amps 
  4. Divide the remaining number by 4 to get 368, then add 128. 
  5. Answer: 496!

Stash 13 - You'll find this Stash behind the Kalevala Knights Workshop, which you can only get to once you unlock the Bolt Cutters in the Story. You'll have to count the number of Teacups (top #), the number of Rockets (2nd #), and the number of boats (3rd #) to get 542 as the combination. Unlocking this will grant you the Lighthouse key, so that you can unlock the Watery Lighthouse.

Bright Falls Cult Stashes Map, Locations, and Solutions

Bright Falls has 9 different Cult Stashes for you to find, which you can collect all of after completing Watery. See the full map below:

A map of every cult stash lunchbox location in bright falls in alan wake 2

Stash 14 - This is hidden behind a van in front of the Lodge, towards the Boatyard. To unlock it, simply repeat the pattern that shows when you click the lock.

Stash 15 - In Bright Falls, you’ll find this in an area north and above the Break Room in Bunker Woods as you proceed to the Valhalla Nursing Home. The code is entered by mimicking the lights. A little further beyond the Stash is another Nursery Rhyme as well. 

Stash 16 (math problem) – In Bright Falls, this is directly south of the Break Room in the woods, in the back of a pickup truck. This is another (yay) math question. 

  1. 200 Cars x 4 Wheels = 800 
  2. 800 Wheels – 754 total wheels = 46 
  3. 46 Wheels divided by 2 bicycle wheels = 23 Bicycles 
  4. 200 – 23 = 177 total cars. 
  5. Answer: 177 

Stash 17 - This is outside and to the left of the Valhalla Nursing home, after completing the main story element there. Look around with your flashlight to find arrows pointing you to the box, and there’s small blue signs that point you to the key. 

Stash 18 - After leaving the Valhalla Nursing Home, you'll pass a Break Room you power up with a generator. Proceed past this to find the symbols of the cult beckoning you towards another cult stash. To get the combination for this box, you'll look up at the tree (with your flashlight) and follow the arrows to the 3 symbols needed to unlock.

Stash 19 - Along the main trail towards Bright Falls from Valhalla Nursing Home, you'll find a Cult Stash on your right across from a building to the south. To unlock this one, go to that building that also contains a nursery rhyme. The key can be found outside of the Ranger Station, next to the chimney.

Stash 20 - In Bright Falls Proper, the area below the street is now open with the overlap closed. Using the boltcutters, you can break into the dock across from The Lodge and find a cult stash inside. To solve it, find the posts outside that have numbers on them and enter the numbers from high to low (on the pole) to get an inventory size upgrade. The number is 6-9-7.

Stash 21 - This Stash can be found behind the Oh Deer Diner, behind a door that you need the Boltcutters for. The solution symbols are painted in the park - Satellite Dish, Park Benches, Gazebo.

Stash 22 - The final Bright Falls Stash is found in the basement of the Sheriff's Office when you return here for the story. To unlock it, count the number of lines in each shape - the code is 146.


Once you've collected all of the Cult Stashes, you'll also want to find and collect every Alex Casey Lunchbox to get the Hidden by the Trees Achievement. You can also complete all 21 Nursery Rhymes to expand your bracelet, and we've got a guide on How to get the Mayor Setter Charm & Unlock All Charms too!

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