A shot of Super Mario Bros, speedruns of which Guinness has been accidentally claiming

Guinness Apologizes For Falsely Claiming Super Mario Bros. Speedruns


If you've got a Super Mario Bros. speedrun posted up on YouTube, you may want to go check on it.

dr- lava header

Preserving Pokémon's Cut Content - An Interview with Dr. Lava


The world of Pokémon has always been one of keen interest to gamers.

Final Japanese Nintendo 3DS Game Mobile Ball Canceled

Nintendo 3DS Ending YouTube App Support In The Near Future


A new notice on Nintendo's website and within the Nintendo 3DS platform itself revealed that the YouTube app on the 3DS will no longer be supported as of the end of August.

beat saber header

NBCUniversal Makes Copyright Claims On Beat Saber Songs


In a recent episode of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon showed off the VR game Beat Saber.

youtube 2

YouTube Is Developing Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure-Style Content


Online video giant YouTube is to develop its own choose-your-own-adventure-style interactive programming.

anthem javelins and logo

YouTube Creator Misleads Public Over Anthem Video Takedown


A prominent content creator on YouTube is currently embroiled in a minor scandal with giant publisher Electronic Arts.

beat saber header

Beat Saber Announces All Official Tracks Are Removed From ContentID


BeatGamesStudio, the developers of Beat Saber, have announced an agreement to turn off ContentID on Youtube for a few tracks in the game.

nes legend of zelda screenshot

Creepy Legend of Zelda 'Minus World' Discovered


The NES version of the Legend of Zelda has always been known for having its share of secret content.

nintendo creator's program mktv

Nintendo Creators Program Ending As Company Reverses Course


An announcement has gone out regarding the Nintendo Creators Program ending very soon on the company's official Twitter.


SteamWatch - Game Developer Feuds With Several YouTubers And Threatens Legal Action


The head of the indie video game company LaserChain LLC has recently sent legal threats and a copyright violation notice to YouTube regarding a small YouTuber's video criticizing LaserChain LLC's J