The Sun Rises, It Sets, and More DMCAs - Alex Mauer Saga

Published: August 8, 2017 10:06 PM /


Look, at this point, I really wish this was a KekRaptor series.

But even after the series of DMCAs last week that hit wrestlers, musicians, and Youtubers alike, Alex Mauer isn't done with the DMCA claims. Not by a long shot. As long as there seems to be videos that she can hit, she will continue placing DMCA claims on any game she has worked on in the past. What's interesting about these set of claims, however, was that they didn't exactly go according to the normal series of events that we've seen in the past few weeks.

Alex Mauer August 3rd 2017
It's the DMCAs that never goes on and on my friends.

There's even more notable YouTube channels on this list of DMCAs. The first is Cinemassacre, which hosts the content of one James Rolfe. You may know James as the Angry Video Game Nerd, one of the pioneers of video game video content on the internet. He may not be the biggest YouTuber in the world, but it just shows that regardless of the history or notoriety of the person being claimed against, that they are going to get hit like anyone else. Well.....sorta. See, despite this video being on the list, I never actually saw this video go down, at least while checking it every day.

In addition, Giant Bomb, a video game journalistic site just like TechRaptor, was hit with a claim as well. Although what's curious about this one was that it took a while for it to go through. The first several days after Alex Mauer published this list, this game stayed up on their channel. It only went down later on. The video is down right now, however, along with many of the videos on the list above.

Now, with all the DMCA claims that have been made at this point, it may be easy to miss one or two or ten or hundred of them that have been placed. Thankfully, a google document obtained from WhiskersIsAngry (aka C0nsci3nc3) has been keeping track of all the DMCA claims and can be seen here.

In addition, the lawyer in the Imagos Softworks versus Alex Mauer case Leonard French created a video on his channel labeled the United States v. Alex Mauer, as you can see here:

He starts the video by saying that while he'd love to be able to help everyone involved with the Alex Mauer situation, that's just not a possibility. However, he offered a solution using the Federal Bureau of Investigation using the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Basically, this portion of the FBI that takes a bunch of complaints about internet crimes and categorizes them into reports that go to the FBI or appropriate authority. He asks those who have been directly affected by Alex Mauer's DMCA claims, and fill out a form to make a formal complaint. SidAlpha, who's been covering this issue as well, decided to setup a redirect in to help those get to the right page easily.  It should be noted that this form should be done by those who have first-hand knowledge of the incident, as information of things like the DMCA victim's name and address are needed. Leonard in the video does a good job of going through the process for those interested in filing a complaint. The idea here is that Alex is committing perjury as she's willfully filing false DMCA claims on items that are not her owned copyright.

TechRaptor is continuing to work this story, including contacting YouTube to get answers about why the DMCAs have continued to be upheld despite a strong overturn history and known problems with the claims made by Mauer. As we get more information/they respond to our queries, we will update you with more information.




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