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Published: July 29, 2017 10:00 PM /


Old hood new day Alex Mauer

The Alex Mauer Saga continues to unfold; while we're on a holding pattern right now with the Imagos Softworks case, the situation surrounding Conatus Creative's River City Ransom Underground continues.

The last we'd heard of this situation, Conatus had released a statement saying that they were preparing to change the music in the game after Alex Mauer had taken it down with a DMCA claim. Two major developments happened, though, with River City Ransom Underground returning to Steam in the past 24 hours with the original music and met with fanfare by fans of the game. This means that the game is available again on the largest PC distribution network, although it has continued to be available on GOG (affiliate) throughout this ordeal. Conatus had explained in the previous statement that they were wanting to avoid legal action, due to the cost and time involved, which would delay their console ports they are currently doing exploratory work on.

However, not everything is going as well for the team with the second development in the story. After River City Ransom Underground returned to Steam, it appears that it irritated Alex Mauer. According to a report by Sid Alpha, and a tweet from Alex Mauer, she filed multiple copyright strikes on the Conatus Creative YouTube channel with the apparent aim of taking it down, posting when it was taken offline.


This is backed up by the fact that the channel linked in their presskit with the trailer has been taken offline due to filings of copyright infringement and is the one linked to by Alex in the above tweet.

We have reached out to Conatus Creative for more information about this and further confirmation. When we have more information, we will update this post and continue to follow this developing story as it continues to evolve.

Update: Conatus Creative has confirmed to us that their Channel was indeed taken down (temporarily suspended) by DMCA claims by Alex Mauer.

Update 2 - August 2nd - The Conatus Creative channel has returned to Youtube and you can find it here.

Additionally, there have been further developments in the Alex Mauer Saga with DMCAs on numerous other videos on other channels. You can read about it here.

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