No Man's Sky News: First Update; Youtube Abuse; Soundtrack Released

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No Man's Sky News: First Update; Youtube Abuse; Soundtrack Released

August 5, 2016

By: Robert Grosso

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No Man's Sky is releasing early next week, and even after the trophy list was leaked to the public, some final bits of news are still trickling in. 

Two bits of information regarding the first major update to No Man's Sky by Hello Games. Not a day one patch, the update will fix a few balancing issues with the game, as well as add some new content to the title. 

According to IGN, the update has been completed, and it is up to Hello Games to release the update when the game launches next week.

The update may address some issues that were revealed when a player purchased an early copy of No Man's Sky for over $1,300. The player, named "daymeeuhn", claimed the game was buggy, and it took about thirty hours to reach the center of the galaxy, one of the possible main goals of the game, by selling a specific item that gave him enough cash to fully upgrade his ship early for planet hopping. 

The footage by "daymeeuhn" can be found on dailymotion, but Sean Murray, director of Hello Games, has asked fans to not watch the videos posted. Sony has also been aggressive over the "leaked" footage, even issuing a copyright strike against the Youtube Channel The Know for reporting on the leak. When The Know was reporting on the leak, they didn't utilize any of the footage from the leak or link to it, instead using material made available by Sony to discuss and report on the situation.

Outside of the first game update, the soundtrack for No Man's Sky has been officially released on Youtube for free.

Composed by the electronic/industrial band 65daysofstatic, the album, titled No Man's Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe, features ten tracks. Many of these tracks, in particular, Monolith, Supermoon and Heliosphere, have been heard before in the several game trailers for the title since it's reveal three years ago. 


The soundtrack can be pre-ordered at Laced Records right now for $11.99 as a digital download, a Deluxe Double CD/Digital Pack for $17.99,  or even a Deluxe X4 Vinyl boxset for $60.00. 

No Man's Sky releases next week on August 9th for the PS4 and August 12th on the PC. 

So are you ready for No Man's Sky?  Are you enjoying the soundtrack at all? Leave your comments below. 

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