3000 Scoundrels Double or Nothing Ups The Ante

Published: September 6, 2023 2:30 PM /


The box art for 3000 Scoundrels Double or Nothing on a white background

Last Fall, Unexpected Games and Asmodee Publishing released 3000 Scoundrels. It was a Wild West-themed game where players play as gang leaders as they pulled off heists. The latest expansion, 3000 Scoundrels Double or Nothing takes things even further.

3000 Scoundrels Double or Nothing Announcement

According to an ICV2 report, 3000 Scoundrels Double or Nothing is a major expansion to the engine-building card game. The Traveler's fantastical technology has created a booming business in the town of Graystone Gulch.

With that fresh business comes a new wave of criminal activity. This expansion will add even more job and trait cards. These cards will allow 3000 new possible criminals to your game.

This means that 3000 Scoundrels Double or Nothing will, in a very literal sense, double the number of potential criminals to help you make your criminal enterprise on the frontier.

In addition, the new advances in technology introduce new unique abilities that can be modified. In addition, new debts, mavericks, and locations are included in 3000 Scoundrels Double or Nothing. All of which add more strategic depth to the game.

3000 Scoundrels Double or Nothing is the latest project by Unexpected Games. The studio's past work includes the 1990s-inspired board game The Initiative, and the comedic courtroom farce Voices In My Head.

Asmodee Publishing is one of the largest tabletop publishers in the industry. Companies under their umbrella include Fantasy Flight Games, Z-Man Games, and the online board game platform Board Game Arena.

In December 2021, Asmodee Publishing joined videogame publisher Embracer Group. Embracer Group owns several different videogame developers including THQ Nordic, Gearbox Software, and the (recently axed) Volition Games.

3000 Scoundrels Double or Nothing will be coming to retail stores on October 27, 2023. It will be sold at an MSRP of $34.99. Both it and the base game can be played with one to four players.


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