Asmodee Acquires Digital Tabletop Board Game Arena

Published: February 11, 2021 11:59 AM /


Board Game Arena and Asmodee Logos On tabletop Background

Asmodee recently announced the acquisition of a huge online board game platform. Board Game Arena is a website that allows players to enjoy many famous board games online against other players, completely for free. 

What Is Board Game Arena? 

Board Game Arena offers an excellent service to tabletop gamers, especially right now. For no monetary input at all, you can get access to nearly 250 games to play online right now. You can also gain access to several premium-only games, such as Res Arcana and Carcasonne. The service allows players to chat, learn the rules, and make friends. You can also play games with other players in the game house, either with separate devices or using 'hot seat' functions. 


This is a huge acquisition, both for Asmodee and for BGA. Asmodee just gained access to a great infrastructure for allowing gamers to play their games online, and Board Game Arena will presumably now have access to a lot more titles from Asmodee's considerable backlog, and access to Asmodee's deep pockets. In 2020 alone, Board Game Arena grew by 600%, so with the might of Asmodee fully invested in them, it seems like they're likely to keep growing. 

The Future For Asmodee And BGA

With such a huge backer behind them, it seems likely that we'll see a lot of changes made to Board Game Arena in the coming days. Firstly, Asmodee's back catalog should add even more variety to the considerable amount available on the site. It's also possible we'll get some new features or even a makeover at the site due to more people potentially working on it from now on. We've already got several features and games in betas, such as the new achievements and XP features. At the very least, we know that Asmodee has promised BGA will remain independently managed. 

Only time will tell, but if you're not already one of the 5 million Board Game Arena members, this Asmodee acquisition might be the perfect time to consider joining. You can get a year of access right now for €24. 

What do you think of the Asmodee/Board Game Arena acquisition? Will you be joining the service if you haven't already? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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