3000 Scoundrels Asks You If You're Feeling Lucky

Asmodee Publishing and Unexpected Games have announced a new competitive engine-building board game called 3000 Scoundrels. It's set in the Wild West and it's all about keeping your cards close to your chest

Published: July 22, 2022 9:00 AM /


A table with boards and cards from 3000 Scoundrels

Asmodee Publishing and Unexpected Games have announced a new board game called 3000 Scoundrels. This is the studio's third release after the 1990s-themed narrative board game The Initiative and the comedic Voices In My Head. This third outing will be different from those past projects since the focus will be on engine building and bluffing.

What Is 3000 Scoundrels?

According to an official press release, 3000 Scoundrels is a competitive card game set in an alternate take on the Wild West. 2-4 players take on the role of gang leaders attempting to steal technology left behind by a mysterious man known as The Traveller. Whoever steals the most tech wins the game. To this end, players must draft a team of scoundrels, represented by decks of cards, and must choose ones that synergize best with their unique abilities and strategies.

The name 3000 Scoundrels isn't hyperbolic either. Drafting scoundrels to your deck is divided up between 60 clear job cards and 50 trait cards. These can be mixed and matched allowing for 3000 different variations. Furthermore, up to 50 scoundrels are used during each match, ensuring you won't see everything the game has to offer in a single session. Finally, lying and misleading your opponents are completely viable strategies, although you are penalized if you get caught.

3000 Scoundrels was created from my love of card games, engine building, and bluffing. It started as a deconstruction of what a ‘card’ is in a game, and it tries to turn the genre on its head. I really think this game will resonate with hobby gamers all over the world,” said Corey Konieczka, designer and head of studio, Unexpected Games.

A job and trait card combining to make a new scoundrel
The Trait and Job Cards in action. Image Credit: Asmodee Publishing, Unexpected Games.

When Will 3000 Scoundrels Be Available?

The press release states that 3000 Scoundrels will be releasing at local game stores and hobby shops later this Fall.

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