The box art for Ultimate Railroads

Z-Man Games Revives Trains with Ultimate Railroads

November 11, 2021 2:14 PM

By: Tyler Chancey


Fans of the euro-style worker management board game, Russian Railroads are in for some exciting news. After many years being out of print, Z-Man Games have announced a brand new version of the game titled Ultimate Railroads.

The news of Ultimate Railroads was announced on Z-Man's website stating, "Perfect for die hard fans or newcomers alike, Ultimate Railroads brings you the base game of Russian Railroads bundled together with all of its expansions and more. Now back on shelves after years out of print, this classic comes complete with not only the game and expansions you love, but a few additions that make this a must own."




As optimistic as that statement is, Russian Railroads does have a lot of positive clout behind it. It is on the top 10 list for Best Out of Print Board Games according to Paste as well as a respectable position on Board Game Geek's Top 100 Board Games. The premise is simple and straightforward as well. Two players take on the role of Russian railway moguls competing to be the first to complete the Trans-Siberian Railway, managing not just their routes but advancing their machinery and industry in the process.

The game boards and pieces for Ultimate Railroads
A preview of Ultimate Railroads pieces as shown on Asmodee's store page.

Ultimate Railroads contains the following. It has the base game for Russian Railroads, as well as the two expansions released during its original lifespan, American Railroads and German Railroads. In addition, the game will include a brand new expansion titled Asian Railroads, as well as an optional single-player mode.



Z-Man Games release of Ultimate Railroads continues their recent trend of reprinting and revising older board games they have. This includes the aptly named Citadels Revised Edition as well as a quicker real-time version of their Pandemic series, Pandemic: Rapid Response.

Ultimate Railroads is currently available to order on Asmodee's website. It's current price is $119 and has a current release date of March 2022.


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