Fortnite My Hero Academia Crossover Brings New Outfits And More

Published: September 12, 2023 8:18 AM /


A close-up of Shoto Todoroki in the new Fortnite My Hero Academia crossover

Epic Games has announced another Fortnite My Hero Academia crossover, bringing new Outfits, items, and more to the battle royale shooter.

First up, the new crossover is adding Shoto Todoroki's Ice Wall, allowing you to summon Mei-style barriers to protect you or block enemies from reaching you.

The Ice Wall also causes those affected by it to slide around, so it isn't just for defensive purposes. Deploy it strategically into the middle of an enemy group and watch as the freezing chaos unfolds.

You can collect the Ice Wall powerup from All Might Supply Drops, which you'll find around the island adorned with All Might's iconic countenance. The powerup can also be found in regular and Rare Chests, as well as on the ground.

As well as the Ice Wall, Deku's Smash is also returning to Fortnite, and you can find that in All Might caches as well. It's immensely powerful and, as Epic says, it can "one-shot foes all the way from Delaware to Detroit".

Three new Outfits are also available as part of this latest Fortnite My Hero Academia crossover. 

You can get Outfits for Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima, and Mina Ashido from Fortnite's Item Shop, so make sure to head over there if you're looking to rep My Hero Academia in Fortnite.

This isn't Fortnite's first anime collaboration; the game has also featured characters and items from hit shows like Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball.

Other non-anime Fortnite collabs include Futurama, The Witcher, and Spider-Man, to name but a few. Fortnite is constantly crossing over with other IPs, so you never know when your favorite game or show might turn up.

You can check out the Fortnite My Hero Academia crossover right now as part of update 26.10, which is live right now. Fortnite is available for free across PC, consoles, and mobile devices.


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