Chucky Is Dead By Daylight's Newest Killer, And He Looks Pretty Terrifying

Learning the identity of Dead by Daylight's newest killer would be "child's play". Ahem.

Published: November 8, 2023 8:15 AM /


A close-up of Chucky, the newest Dead by Daylight killer, holding a blade soaked in blood

Behaviour Interactive has announced the newest Dead by Daylight killer, and he's another well-known horror icon.

After announcing crossovers with Stranger ThingsNaughty Bear, and, uh, Nicolas Cage, the newest Dead by Daylight killer is Chucky, the central doll figure from the Child's Play franchise. He arrives in late November.

The Demogorgon unfolding its head and screaming at the camera in the Dead by Daylight Stranger Things crossover
Dead by Daylight's other recent crossovers include horror hit Stranger Things.

His announcement trailer is just as creepy as you'd imagine; it shows Chucky stalking and killing his victims through a derelict house while a voiceover ad for his doll line plays.

At the conclusion of the trailer, the voiceover implores you to "bring home your friend 'til the end, because if you don't...", which then segues into Chucky saying "you're f***kin' dead".

All in all, it's exactly the kind of vicious, lovingly-crafted trailer you'd expect from a Dead by Daylight crossover. You can check it out right here.

Child's Play is just the latest in a long string of collaborations for Dead by Daylight.

The popular horror multiplayer game has also crossed over with venerated horror franchises like RinguSaw, and Hellraiser, as well as non-horror properties like PUBG.

As well as crossing over with other franchises, Dead by Daylight has also branched out into side ventures like the improbable (but rather enjoyable) Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim.

If you're not up on Dead by Daylight, it's a multiplayer PvP survival horror game in which you play as either a survivor or a killer.

Survivors must work together to escape the killer's wrath, while the killer must stalk and dispatch survivors to win.

Both sides have numerous abilities at their disposal, with each survivor and killer bringing different strengths and weaknesses to the table. Dead by Daylight is also regularly updated with new killers, survivors, and maps.

You can play Dead by Daylight right now across PC and consoles. Chucky comes to the game on November 28th.

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