Dead By Daylight Saw Tome Brings New Outfits And More

Published: January 25, 2022 11:01 AM /


A creepy image showing Saw's Amanda Young in Dead by Daylight

If you're a fan of Jigsaw's antics, you're in luck. New Dead by Daylight Saw crossover content is coming in the form of the game's first fully licensed Tome. It'll bring new stories, new cosmetics to unlock, and new challenges to complete when it launches tomorrow.

What's coming in the new Dead by Daylight Saw Tome?

Dead by Daylight Tomes always bring new story content and new challenges to complete, and this Dead by Daylight Saw Tome is no different. Previous Tomes have focused on characters like Dwight Fairfield, but this is the first Tome based on licensed content. After Saw's Amanda Young and Detective Tapp were added as a new Killer and Survivor back in 2018, this new Tome will give their stories a chance to shine. You'll unlock new lore content for both characters, as well as brand new cosmetics you can use when you're running for your life (or chasing down pesky Survivors).


The Pig, aka Amanda Young, in the Dead By Daylight Saw content crossover
Saw's Amanda Young and Detective David Tapp were added to Dead by Daylight back in 2018, and they're getting the game's first licensed Tome.

Per previous Tomes, which have added themed challenges based on the characters they spotlight, this new Tome will see the Observer tasking you with completing a set of challenges to unlock cosmetics for Amanda and Detective Tapp. These cosmetics include the "Book of Saw Collection", which adds the Very Rare Amanda's Rebirth outfit for The Pig and the Grill Champ outfit for Detective Tapp. These outfits should give you an extra kick when you're playing as these characters, but don't worry; there are more than 60 cosmetic items up for grabs as part of this Tome's content.

What else is happening in the world of Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight is showing no signs of slowing down its asymmetrical multiplayer horror assault. An update late last year added Carmina Mora (also known as The Artist), a killer with a flair for the dramatic, alongside new CIA codebreaker survivor Jonah Vasquez. It's not all sunshine and rainbows for the game, though; it was the subject of controversy earlier this year, when Leatherface masks were removed from the game owing to players reporting harassment by others using those masks. Players also expressed some dissatisfaction regarding the introduction of Dead by Daylight NFTs, which proved unpopular with the community and led to a backlash.

Carmina Mora, the latest Killer in Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight's latest Killer, Carmina Mora, launched late last year.

The new Dead by Daylight Saw Tome will be available from tomorrow, January 26th. If you've yet to check out the game, you can grab it right now on PC and consoles, as well as on Stadia. The next franchise making its debut in Dead by Daylight is the iconic Japanese horror property Ringu, which will be the focus of the next Chapter update in March. We'll bring you more on that as soon as we get it.

Are you excited to check out the new Dead by Daylight Saw Tome? Let us know in the comments below!



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