Top 10 PlayStation Plus Premium Horror Games

BOO! There are many great horror games you can play on @PlayStation Plus Premium, including Until Dawn and the beloved Little Nightmares.

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PlayStation Plus Premium Horror Games

PlayStation Plus Premium is home to many genres, but none are as immersive or terrifying as the horror games in this article. They pull us in, get us invested, and then spook us when we're not expecting it. All ten of these games are special in their own way, adding some element of a creative spin to the genre. From the grim gothic world of Bloodborne to the underwater dystopia in Bioshock, let's dive into the best horror games on PlayStation Plus Premium.

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10 - The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Man of Medan PlayStation Plus Premium Horror Games
Image via Bandai Namco

The Dark Pictures Anthology has been hit or miss for whoever has played them. The polish isn't as high as Supermassive's other horror game Until Dawn, but it still carries that same narrative spirit of the beloved PlayStation exclusive. Man of Medan places your characters on a terrifying ghost ship as they try to survive in this ominous landscape.

There are twists and turns around every corner, and while yet again, it can be clumsy in parts, the storytelling keeps you hooked from beginning to end. Your decisions will also matter, making Man of Medan a great game to replay multiple times. The graphics are still quite stellar as well with its realistic character models and landscapes. 

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9 - Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th PlayStation Plus Premium Horror Games
Image via Gun Media

Friday the 13th: The Game, based on the popular horror movie franchise, has one person playing as the killer Jason Voorhees while his prey run around and try to find a way to escape. This is a game that's in the asynchronous multiplayer genre, where a player has a completely different gameplay experience than the majority.

It works similarly to the mega-successful Dead by Daylightbut in Friday the 13th: The Game, you'll need to scavenge for resources in the area to escape and call the police for assistance. You can also try to operate a car to escape the area, but Jason Voorhees has many tricks up his sleeve to make sure no one leaves alive. It's a thrilling pursuit that horror fans should experience with a PlayStation Plus Premium membership.

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8 - Observer: System Redux

Observer System Redux PlayStation Plus Premium Horror Game
Image via Bloober Team

Psychological horror mixed with a cyberpunk aesthetic is a match made in hell. This game plays with the idea of how technology can impact society in the future, and successfully plays around with the concept as it provides extraordinarily imaginative scenes in front of the player. You play as a detective played by the late Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, Sin City), who, after receiving a strange message from his long distant son, finds himself in a murder crime scene and desperate to find answers. 

In order to do that, you'll be hacking people's brains to gain new information, and the places that Observer: System Redux takes you are dark and steeps it further into the psychological horror genre. You're also interviewing residents of the apartment complex that is now locked until an answer has been found about the dead body. With the System Redux version, the graphics have been improved with a 4K resolution, HDR, improved textures, and ray tracing. It looks gorgeous on the PS5 as a result. This is one PlayStation Plus Premium horror game you shouldn't miss.

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7 - SOMA

SOMA PlayStation Plus Premium
Image via Frictional Games

From the creators of the popular Amnesia series came SOMA, a terrifying trip into an underwater base below the Atlantic. As you come across some creepy imagery, you'll find the last remaining humans among a murderer's row of robots, creatures, and an A.I. that rules over the area. Through some clever puzzles, you'll have to figure out how to outsmart them before your presence is detected by these awful foes. It's intense, creepy, and above all succeeds as a horror game. 

SOMA delves into a dark narrative revolving around identity and consciousness, according to the game's Steam page (which has an Overwhelmingly Positive score), so you'll be in for a thought-provoking story. It also has a respectable 83 Opencritic score, which is noteworthy within the horror genre.

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6 - Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 PlayStation Plus Premium
Image via Capcom

This GameCube classic is treasured among many horror fans to this day, despite its dated third-person controls and graphics. Within a village-like setting, Resident Evil 4 instills an intense atmosphere that few will forget. You'll be fearful of the residents of this village as they've been plagued with a disease. You'll get a rush when you activate the quick-time event at the right time. Lastly, you'll be rewarded for exploring the village and solving puzzles along the way to get additional gear and ammo. 

This version of Resident Evil 4 is the PS3 HD remaster, which is streamed to your PS4 or PS5 console. It will not look as good as the modern port and definitely will fall in comparison to the upcoming remake in March 2023. However, this is still one of the best horror games ever made, and you should at least try a few hours of Resident Evil 4 to see if it's for you. 

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5 - BioShock: Remastered

BioShock PlayStatuon Plus Premium Horror
Image via 2K

Somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere waiting for me is the monstrous Big Daddy in Rapture. Despite being 15 years old in 2022, Bioshock still manages to immerse its players into its sickly dystopian underwater civilization. The art design helps the game age well, while you explore the '50s era decor installation. The writing is smart as the game leads you further into the chaos of this past society that has crumbled, and you'll be frightened whenever you see a resident that has lost their mind and mindlessly attacks you. 

BioShock combines elemental powers called plasmids, which let you wield elements like fire and electricity, with gunplay, making for a unique gameplay style in the first-person shooter genre.  The strategy comes in when you have to manage your limited resources, and you may want to save your plasmids for a more challenging fight. Despite its age, BioShock: Remastered is still one of the best PlayStation Plus Premium horror games.

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4 - The Last of Us Remastered and Left Behind

The Last of Us Remastered PlayStation Plus Premium Horror Games
Image via PlayStation

Yet another PS3 horror gem lands on our lap with PlayStation Plus Premium. The Last of Us Remastered brings an epic story that has characters Joel and Ellie traveling across the United States in a clicker-infested world. However, some of the scariest beings in the world aren't the clickers (zombie-like beings made from a plant-based infestation), no, that would be humanity itself. There are high stakes and drama involved in The Last of Us Remastered and the DLC Left Behind that will make your jaw drop, and you'll invest yourself in this well-rounded post-apocalyptic world, thanks to the impeccable writing and voice acting in the game. 

The Last of Us Remastered is a third-person action title that has you scrounging bullets and crafting projectiles to survive. It's intense, and some of the stealth segments will have you holding your breath. Each hit of a weapon and bullet feels heavy, reinforcing the stakes that the story and world bring to you. You'll have to be slow and accurate with your shots to succeed. The graphics are also incredible, still to this day, despite there being an (unnecessary) remake on the horizon.

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3 - Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares PlayStation Plus Premium Horror Games
Image via Bandai Namco

There are very few games that are as creepy as Little Nightmares. In this horror game, you're sunk deep into this Tim Burton-esque world as a mysterious boy in a yellow coat. As soon as he escapes his cell, he has to go through many obstacles blocking his escape. There are some gasp-worthy stealth sections and some heart-racing chases throughout the game that will stick in your memory for years to come. 

The visuals are demented in the best way as you explore this environment. Some stellar puzzle design is featured throughout the game as you go further and further into the chaos of Little Nightmares. The story takes you through some unexpected turns, and we won't spoil the haunting ending if you haven't played the game yet. It's easily one of the most horrific games on PlayStation Plus Premium right now. 

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2 - Until Dawn

Until Dawn PlayStation Plus Premium Horror Games
Image via PlayStation

Blood, betrayals, and drama are all key in a horror experience, and Until Dawn thrives upon that. This game is one of the most beloved PS4 exclusives as it features a cool gameplay feature called the Butterfly Effect. It means that all of your choices in the game will matter, and your decisions will ensure all the characters survive or none of them will. You'll also get some chances to see into the future with a brief sneak peek of what will happen. Despite this feature, Until Dawn still does a great job of playing with your expectations and causing distress at the right moments. 

The graphics are phenomenal as the faces show emotions in immaculate detail, and the acting is superb with Hollywood talent such as Hayden Panettiere (Nashville) and Best Actor Oscar winner Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody) playing parts in the story. 

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1 - Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard PlayStation Plus Premium
Image via Capcom

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is the culmination of Capcom's horror roots. The creator of the survival genre brought the series back to its roots with chilling horror, a mysterious house to explore, and writing that should sound cheesy but completely makes sense with the context of the environment. Fighting against the Baker family brings much terror as you try to work your way out of the house and survive. You'll encounter intriguing puzzles and magnificent boss battles that mark Resident Evil VII as one of the best in the series.

The game is in first person, unlike past entries, but it really works within this heavily detailed, small-spaced environment. Also, if you have a PSVR headset, we'd also recommend you try the game in this format. It makes the up-close-and-personal encounters even more thrilling. This game isn't actually part of the Premium list and is instead part of the PlayStation Plus Collection that every subscriber, no matter the tier, gets.

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