HuniePop 2 Final Boss Guide

Last Update: January 10, 2022


HuniePop 2 Final Boss Guide

So, you've made it all the way through HuniePop 2 and you're trying to take on the cosmic couple who threaten to destroy the universe unless you can successfully satisfy them. You'd better be prepared for one hell of a fight because you're taking on some horny goddesses here, but hopefully this HuniePop 2 final boss guide can help. 

HuniePop 2 Final Boss Guide - The Fight

The HuniPop 2 final boss is a 4-stage date that randomly selects two girls who match and requires you to rack up 5000 affection points before you can move on. That means that in total you have to amass 20000 affection before you get to say you've beaten the game. It's not all doom and gloom, you do get between 120 - 80 moves to pull it off, depending on which difficulty setting you're on. 


Even on easy-mode, these two are no pushover, so you're going to need to do some serious prep if you want to get around them. 

HuniePop 2 Final Boss Guide - Preparation

HuniePop 2 Final Boss Guide - Identity Theft
I'm not sure that either of these girls was consulted before their visages were stolen by supreme beings. 

The first thing you'll need to take on the gruesome twosome is some maxed-out stats. Buy up all the colorful smoothies you can, and force-feed them to the different girls to maximize all of your stats. You'll also need to find all the unique gifts and shoes since these increase the amount of passion and style XP you get respectively. 

You can check out our guide on shoes if you want a helping hand in that area. 


With your stats at maximum, there are still a few things you can do to increase your chances, especially on higher difficulty settings. Buy some items from the store that increase the number of turn tokens that appear, as well as items that focus on each girl's strength. At this stage in the game, you should be able to equip the girls with 3 items each. A good mix of turn-extension and affection-increasing items will almost certainly be necessary on anything above easy. 

HuniePop 2 Final Boss Guide - Date Night

When it comes down to taking on these two cosmic horrors, there's not too much that's different from a regular date. Make sure you're optimizing your combos by selecting the girl who likes the affection-type the most. Remember to keep getting extra move matches as often as possible, because your total doesn't get increased between rounds. You should make sure to use any time-extension items before you finish a round because they're tied to the girls you assigned them to. 

With a maxed-out style level, you should be seeing power orbs quite frequently (orbs with more than one icon in them.) You need to utilize these on girls with favorable affection types, as a good power orb match can fill a third of the affection meter, even on higher difficulties, as long as you've also maxed out your passion meter. The thing to watch out for is bad match-ups. These double dates seem to be randomized, so it's very easy to get caught between two girls with the same favored affection type. 


HuniePOp 2 Final Boss Guide End SCreen
If you keep at it, you'll finally get to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

If you do get a bad matchup you should try to maximize one of the girl's affection meters first, and only perform big matches of whatever affection type they share on that girl. Whenever she's low on stamina, try and get a stamina match, or swap to the other girl until you can prepare a stamina match. While a bad match-up is not ideal, it shouldn't completely ruin your chances. If you're on an unlucky streak and keep getting bad match-ups, you should consider using each girl's 3rd item slot for an item that can compensate for bad matchups by increasing the type of affection that is generated. 

If you persist you should be able to take these two space-beings down in a few tries at most. On the plus side, no matter how many times you fail, it seems like you can always make another attempt. 


If you're struggling to get the items you need, check out one of our item guides or beginners tips for help. 

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