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Although it may look like nothing more than a sexy romp on a tropical island, HuniePop 2: Double Date is actually quite the tricky puzzle game. In order to have successful threesomes with the cast of gorgeous girls, players will need to complete a number of match-three "dates," each with an affection meter which must be maxed out for the date to succeed. A number of factors play into each date's success or failure, ranging from the girls' most and least favorite affection types to their quickly draining stamina bars and difficulty-adding Baggage.

Luckily, there are a number of cheats and codes which can be implemented in order to increase the chance of having a successful date. Additionally, there are patches you can install in order to unlock special elements of the game.

Each girl also has a bonus costume which can be unlocked via code. These codes are listed here.

Here are all the HuniePop 2 cheats and codes you'll need to have enough threesomes to save the world.

Huniepop 2 Cheat codes Outfit
Want to see her in even less?

HuniePop 2 Uncensored 18+ Patch

If you purchase HuniePop 2: Double Date via certain stores, you will receive the censored version of the game. (Other outlets may sell the uncensored version. You can generally check which version of the game you are purchasing before you buy). The censored version of the game has the girls wearing underwear even during sex scenes, while the uncensored version lets you toggle underwear on or off.

However, if you wish to view the 18+ version, complete with nude CGs unlocked after dates, simply download the uncensored patch from the official HuniePop Developer's Blog. Just copy and paste this link into your broswer!

Huniepop 2 Cheats Alpha Mode
Want to spend a chill day with them?

Turn Off Alpha Mode

Once you've beaten the final boss and completed the game, you will automatically continue playing in Alpha Mode. Alpha Mode causes each date to become more difficult, with fewer moves available and a larger Affection total required to end the date successfully.

However, if you would rather all dates stay the same difficulty, then you can turn off Alpha Mode simply by putting in a code. Go to the CODE tab on the main menu and input BETA 4 EVA. This will disable Alpha Mode on both previously existing save files and any new saves you can create.

You can turn Alpha Mode back on at any time by putting in the exact same code.

Huniepop 2 Cheats Nonstop Date
Want to see Abia in a different style?

Re-Enable Disabled Codes

If you have access to a hex editor (not covered in this guide), you can re-enable two codes which were originally intended to be implemented in the Codes menu but were removed from the final product. These are Faster Transitions, which lets you move between locations on the map more quickly, and Abia Hair Mode, which removes Abia's headgear in all of her sprites.

Within the game files, find one labeled "resources.assets" and open it in a hex editor.

For Faster Transitions, find the string "760BDB0C734C4EBAC66DBD901AF594B5" and replace it with "DCA6E617F6FB54033DEB311E7E7C93CC". Then, change the value 0x00 to 0x01. Following this, the mode can be unlocked by inputting the code FAST.

For Abia Hair, find the string "4013120B04449205D03E0EC8F1EA5C74” and replace it with "E386714C2C9D4EFF37DCF8BFCBC48D10". Then, change the value 0x00 to 0x01. Following this, the mode can be unlocked by inputting the code ABIA.

Huniepop 2 Cheats Store
Want to see those seed totals shoot up?

Huniepop 2 Cheat Codes

If you have a Cheat Engine installed (not covered in this guide), you can input a number of cheats to make your dates in HuniePop 2 significantly easier. These cheats and their effects are listed below:

Infinite Date Moves - the number of available moves during a date will not decrease

Infinite Stamina - girls' stamina will not decrease during dates

Infinite TALKING Stamina - girls' stamina will not decrease when talking to them

Infinite Seeds [Open Store] - you will receive 900 of each Affection Seed when you open the Store

Insta-Max Passion - during dates, Passion will increase rapidly until it hits max value, meaning both girls will receive more Affection from each match

Insta-Max Affection - during dates, Affection will increase rapidly until it hits max value, ending the date quickly

Insta-Max Bonus Affection - during Bonus dates, the Bonus affection meter will increase rapidly until it hits max value, ending the date quickly

Freeze Bonus Affection Decrease - during Bonus dates, the Bonus affection meter will not decrease when you pause between moves

Unlock All Outfits and Hairstyles - all outfits and hairstyles for each girl will become immediately available.

The developers of HuniePop 2 have promised that they will continue to update and add new content to the game. It is possible that more cheats and codes will be added as progress on the game continues. Keep an eye out for future information regarding new cheats, patches or codes. In the meantime, check out TechRaptor's other HuniePop 2 guides for more information about how to have successful dates and threesome with all the gorgeous girls available in the game.

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