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All date-able girls in HuniePop 2: Double Date have a number of sexy outfits which they can wear while exploring the tropical island of Inna de Poona. While some outfits can be unlocked by going on dates, each girl also has one outfit which can only be accessed by inputting special HuniePop 2 codes. These outfits are based on everything from holidays to classic characters and are extremely cute and unique.

How to Input HuniePop 2 Codes

Go to the "Code" tab on the game's main menu and type in the codes provided below to unlock special outfits.

Once you've put in the code, the outfit will be unlocked both on existing save files and any new save files you create going forward.

Huniepop 2 Outfit Codes Nora
She's earned her naughty badge

All HuniePop 2 Outfit Codes

 Here are all the outfit codes which have been released so far for HuniePop 2: Double Date

To unlock Abia's "Morning Delight" outfit, use the code CHERRY ON TOP

To unlock Ashley's "Clamoflague" outfit, use the code SISTERS IN LEGS

To unlock Brooke's "Stars & Stripes" outfit, use the code FROM C TO SHINING DD

To unlock Candace / Candy's "Onahole" outfit, use the code IN A HOLE

HuniePop 2 Outfit Code Jessie
You're on her naughty list!

To unlock Jessie's "Naughty List" outfit, use the code CHECKING HER OUT TWICE

To unlock Lailani's "Koimono" outfit, use the code YELLOW TUBERCULOSIS

To unlock Lillian's "Candy Corn" outfit, use the code LICK OR EAT SMELL HER FEET

To unlock Lola's "Afrikini" outfit, use the code CAFFEINE QUEEN

HuniePop 2 Outfit Code Lillian
So cute, it's spooky!

To unlock Nora's "Spiral Scout" outfit, use the code SEX BADGE EARNED

To unlock Polly's "Tuxedo" outfit, use the code EXCUSE ME ITS SIR

To unlock Sarah's "Cow Girl" outfit, use the code MOOOOOOOOOOOOO. (That's 13 "Os")

To unlock Zoe's "Scarehoe" outfit, use the code ALWAYS STICK IT IN CRAZY

Huniepop 2 Outfit Code Polly
Why Yes Ma'am!

Like all other outfits in the game, the special outfits can be accessed by visiting Kyu in the Hotel Room and heading to the Wardrobe. Each outfit comes in two pieces, hair/headgear and clothing, and they can be mixed and matched with all other outfits in the game to create your favorite sexy look for each girl.

Check out TechRaptor's other HuniePop 2: Double Date guides to learn how to smoothly seduce each of the game's gorgeous girls. Plus, keep an eye out for future codes and other treats released by the developer!

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