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Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but the lovely ladies of HuniePop 2: Double Date are also big fans of shoes. From stylish heels to casual flats to comfortable sneakers, the in-game Store is simply full of shoes to buy. HuniePop 2 shoes are very important so get looking.

This guide walks you through how to buy and gift shoes to the girls as well as revealing which shoes each girl would love most to receive.

What Is Style Level?

Each girl has four unique pairs of shoes which you can gift them in order to gain Style experience. The higher your Style level, the more likely you are to generate highly useful Power tokens during dates. Power tokens give more Affection than regular tokens when you make a match.

You will gain a Style Level after gifting approximately 6 or 7 pairs of shoes. Successfully gift every shoe in the game to the right girl, and you'll hit Style Level 9. This will have you generating Power tokens practically non-stop during your dates!

Some Date Gifts purchased in the Store can also boost your Style Level if they are given to a girl during a date. These are the Hair Brush and Hair Dryer. These gifts are still effective even if you have already reached Style Level 9, and if used together can essentially let you have a bonus "Style Level 10" during dates.

Huniepop 2 Shoes Lillian
Lilian likes shoes that fit her goth style

How to Buy Shoes in HuniePop 2

Shoes are purchased through the Store using the Hunie Seeds you gather from having successful dates. In HuniePop 2, Hunie is divided into four categories: Talent (blue), Flirtation (green), Romance (orange), and Sexuality (red). Shoes tend to cost around 6 Hunie Seeds each.

The Store will stock a random assortment of shoes each day. The Store refreshes its stock every morning, so make sure to buy shoes you want before they cycle out. 

How to Gift Shoes in HuniePop 2

Gift a girl a pair of shoes by going into the "Gift" menu and selecting the shoes you want. Then, drag them over to the girl. If she likes the shoes, you will receive some Style Exp. If she doesn't like the shoes, they will return to your inventory.

Gifting a pair of shoes drains 1 Stamina, so make sure the girl has enough Stamina before handing the shoes over. If she's short on Stamina, you can refresh it by buying sweet foods from the store. Some Stamina-restoring foods include Chocolate Truffles, Cotton Candy and Candy Necklace. 

The description of each pair of shoes contains hints about which girl would like to receive it. However, if you are still stuck, this guide lists all four pairs of shoes for each girl.

HuniePop 2 Shoes Polly
Polly's shoes match her classic, decades-inspired looks

Abia's Shoes

Abia Nawazi likes shoes that are for "A foreign girl." These are the Floral Flats, Crafted Flats, Basic Flats, and Cozy Flats.

Ashley's Shoes

Ashley Rosemarry likes shoes that are for "A fashion model." These are the Zip Up Gladiators, Weave Gladiators, Modest Gladiators and Strap Gladiators.

Brooke's Shoes

Brooke Belrose likes shoes that are for "A woman in charge." These are the Wooden Wedges, Cork Wedges, Charcoal Wedges, and Denom Wedges.

Candace's Shoes

Candace "Candy" Crush likes shoes that are for "An exotic dancer." These are the Neon Heels, Studded Heels, Clear Heels and Glittery Heels.

HuniePop 2 Shoes Nora
Tomboyish Nora prefers sneakers

Jessie's Shoes

Jessie Maye likes shoes that are for "An adult actress." These are the Leopard Peep Toes, Ribbon Peep Toes, Angel Peep Toes and Plaid Peep Toes.

Lailani's Shoes

Lailani Kealoha likes shoes that are for "An innocent girl." These are the Palm Flip Flops, Aqua Flip Flops, Melon Flip Flops and Garden Flip Flops.

Lillian's Shoes

Lillian Aurawell likes shoes that are for "A goth girl." These are the Striped Booties, Suede Bootes, Goth Booties and Satanic Booties.

Lola's Shoes

Lola Rembrite likes shoes that are for "A snow bunny." These are the Heavy Boots, Fuzzy Boots, Knitted Boots and Seasonal Boots.

Huniepop 2 Shoes Store
An unlucky day in the Store, with no shoes for sale

Nora's Shoes

Nora Delrio likes shoes that are for "A tomboy." These are the Ballin' Sneakers, High Top Sneakers, Training Sneakers and Airy Sneakers.

Polly's Shoes

Polly Bendleson likes shoes that are for "A classy gal." These are the Classy Pumps, Polka Dot Pumps, Shiny Pumps and Girly Pumps.

Sarah's Shoes

Sarah Stevens likes shoes that are for "A Japanophile." These are the Rainbow Platforms, Star Platforms, Geta Platforms and Candy Platforms.

Zoe's Shoes

Zoey Greene likes shoes that are for "A cyber chick." These are the Sacred Boots, Astro Boots, Hydro Boots and Sherbet Boots.

Grab all the shoes from the Store and distribute them to the girls in order to become the most Stylish person on Inna de Poona. Plus, make sure to check out TechRaptor's other HuniePop 2: Double Date guides in order to keep having lots and lots of successful dates with all the beautiful girls on this gorgeous tropical island!

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