HuniePop 2 guide - How to Toggle Polly's Junk

Published: Tuesday, February 9, 2021 - 15:03 | By: William Worrall
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February 9, 2021
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Innie, Outie, Shake It All Aboutie

HuniePop 2 was stealth-dropped yesterday and people are going crazy over the new trans character Polly. Back when she was revealed she caused some controversy, with the player base split down the middle on her inclusion in the game. Now the game is here it turns out they actually did enact the option to change her outie to an innie for those of you who prefer it that way, but how exactly do you toggle these options, and what does it actually change? 

HuniePop 2 Polly - How to change her junk

When starting a new game of HuniePop 2 you'll be presented with several options relating to censoring and difficulty modes. The rightmost option on the screen is labeled 'Polly's Junk', and gives you two options: 'Innie' and 'Outie'.

We should have to tell you which option does what should we? 

HuniePop 2 New Game Menu
'Outie' and 'Innie' might seem like cutesy names to describe someone's nether-region, but it's those emojis that really do us in. 

What Changes In-Game

The first immediately noticeable change that toggling Polly's junk does is effects her character sprite in various outfits. In her 80s-workout-inspired outfit there's a noticeable camel tail if you leave the option toggled to 'outie', and the same is true of her Pin-Up outfit. Some of the other outfits, including her secret 'code' outfit, are too loose-fitting to reveal anything below the waist. 

HuniePop 2 Polly Outfit Comparison
As you can see, the change is certainly noticeable whenever Polly is wearing certain outfits. 

Other than outfits, it seems like not much else changes about the game no matter which option you go with. There doesn't seem to be any major dialogue differences, and the first few CGs we unlocked for the character all have her crotch area conveniently disguised by either her clothing or other girls. It's possible that some of the late-game CGs may contain a more obvious sighting of Polly's junk, but right now, all that controversy may have been over nothing. 

If you're interested in romancing Polly, you can check out our guide for the character. 

Want some tips for HuniePop 2? We have a guide that is perfect for you. 

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