How Timberborn Suspension Bridges Work

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How Timberborn Suspension Bridges Work

September 21, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams

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Are you wondering how to build Timberborn Suspension Bridges? In this guide, I'll explain how to unlock Suspension Bridges and how they work.

Timberborn is a survival city builder that's a little different from the norm: you're playing as Beavers in a world where humanity is long gone. A big part of the game is traversing terrain to take advantage of resources. Unfortunately, one of the game's items is a little unintuitive -- here's how Suspension Bridges work!

How Timberborn Suspension Bridges Work Guide Dam
Dams can serve as an easy way to cross gaps in the early game -- just make sure you build a Path over them!

How to Unlock Timberborn Suspension Bridges

You unlock Timberborn Suspension Bridges by spending Science points. You'll first need to build an Inventor and put a Beaver to work generating Science. You can speed this process up by building and staffing multiple Inventor Buildings.

Suspension Bridges are found under Paths and Structures in the menu. Here's how much it will cost to unlock each type of Suspension Bridge:

  • Suspension Bridge 1x1 - 100 Science Points
  • Suspension Bridge 2x1 - 200 Science Points
  • Suspension Bridge 3x1 - 400 Science Points
  • Suspension Bridge 4x1 - 800 Science Points
  • Suspension Bridge 5x1 - 1,600 Science Points
  • Suspension Bridge 6x1 - 3,200 Science Points
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Suspension Bridges need to be built on both sides to work properly. They come in varying lengths, and the higher-tier bridges require harder-to-find resources.

How to Build Timberborn Suspension Bridges

Building Timberborn Suspension Bridges may seem somewhat unintuitive at first, but it will make sense once you understand how they work. Suspension Bridges are one "half" of a bridge. A 1 x 2 Suspension Bridge, for example, is 1 block wide and 2 blocks long -- you can put these two halves together to cross a 4 block wide gap.

You build a Suspension Bridge like pretty much anything else in the game with the exception that you have to build each half on opposite sides of the gap you wish to cross. If you're a bit short on space, you can extend the reach of the bridge by building a Dam or two (as seen in the header image).

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