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Timberborn Cheats and Dev Console Guide - cover

If you're looking for Timberborn cheats, there's good news: an in-game development console can let you take some shortcuts in this survival city builder game.

Timberborn Cheats and Dev Console Guide - Debug Mode
Pressing Shift + Alt + X will give you real-time information on the game, but it's not too useful for the average player.

How the Timberborn Dev Console Works

The Timberborn dev console can be brought up by pressing Shift + Alt + Z as detailed on Reddit. This gives you some options that you normally wouldn't have in the game. Additionally, you can view stats in the debug menu by pressing Shift + Alt + X.

There are even some basic map editor tools in the mix, although I can't seem to find a way to place or remove terrain easily. Unfortunately, it's not quite all-powerful and there are some things you can't do.

Timberborn Cheats and Dev Console Guide - Inventory
You can fill your buildings up pretty much instantly.

List of Timberborn Cheats (and What They Do)

Here's a list of all of the Timberborn cheats we've found thus far.

Development Console Menu

  • Camera State: Restore - Returns to the saved Camera State.
  • Camera State: Save - Saves the Camera State (position and angle)
  • Camera: FOV - - Reduces the camera's Field of View.
  • Camera: FOV + - Increases the camera's Field of View.
  • Camera: Free mode - Switches to a free camera mode.
  • Camera: Move clip plane farther - Moves the Clip Plane further away.
  • Camera: Move clip plane nearer - Brings the Clip Plane closer.
  • Camera: Move target down - Vertically lowers the camera.
  • Camera: Move Target up - Vertically raises the camera.
  • Dump Mesh Metrics - ???
  • Highlight resource reproduction spots - ???
  • Kill 30% of population - Kills 1/3 of your Beavers.
  • Kill selected beaver [DEL] - Kills the highlighted Beaver.
  • Metrics: Reset - ???
  • Metrics: Write to disk - ???
  • SKy: Toggle fog - Turns a fog effect on and off.
  • Soil moisture: reset - Recalculates soil moisture.
  • Speed x30 [4] - 30 times game speed.
  • Speed x99 [5] - 99 times game speed.
  • Toggle drought - Begins or ends a drought.
  • Toggle GC - ???
  • Toggle models: Beavers - Shows or hides Beaver models.
  • Toggle models: Buildings - Shows or hides Buildings.
  • Toggle models: Natural resources - Shows or hides natural resources.
  • Toggle models: Terrain - Shows or hides terrain.
  • Toggle models: Water - Shows or hides water.
  • Toggle nav mesh - ???
  • Water simulation: Reset simulation - Removes all water and begins generating from Water Sources again.
  • Water simulation: Reset speed - Resets the Water Simulation speed to default.
  • Water simulation: x10 - Speeds up Water Simulation by a factor of 10.
  • Water simulation: x3 - Speeds up Water Simulation by a factor of 3.

Game Menu

  • Demolish buildings and resources
    • Delete objects - This button deletes special objects such as Water Sources.
  • Beaver icon - Select this and click to instantly spawn a Beaver.
  • Map Editor
    • Starting Location - Define the Starting Location for the map.
    • Water Source - Places a water-generating rock.
    • Barrier - Places a destructible barrier.
  • Ruins
    • Place the various types of Ruins.


  • Finish now - Instantly completes a building.
  • Modify inventory - Adjust what's inside of a building.

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