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How to Use the Timberborn Water Dump cover

Are you wondering how to use the Timberborn Water Dump? This piece of equipment is very useful for making the most out of your land in this survival city builder, but it takes a bit of work to figure it out.

Timberborn is a new survival city builder that launched just a few short days ago. Mankind has long since left the world and it's time for the Beavers to take over. You'll have to deal with droughts and all sorts of other challenges, though, and understanding the various pieces of equipment in this game is key to your survival.

How to Use the Timberborn Water Dump Inventor
The Inventor is key for unlocking new technologies.

How to Unlock the Timberborn Water Dump

You unlock the Timberborn Water Dump in the same way that you unlock pretty much everything else in the game: By gaining Science points through the use of an Inventor.

The Inventor is a small building that requires 1 Beaver to work in it. This Beaver will generate 3 Science every time it completes a task in the Inventor, and these Science points are consequently used to unlock new building pieces. The Water Dump is unlocked in the "Water" category for 250 Science points.

How to Use the Timberborn Water Dump Watering
Soil will become arable as you pump in water, giving you more room to farm.

How to Use the Timberborn Water Dump

Damming up water or blasting the ground to bits with dynamite can prove to be a challenge, but the Timberborn Water Dump is much easier to use -- especially if you're just getting started with the game. All you really need to do is build it and ensure that there is an adequate supply of Water nearby.

First, you'll have to actually build the Water Dump. As always, make sure that the door is connected to a path and in range of your District. The Water Dump requires one Beaver to work the job along with a supply of Water.

As you might expect, the Water Dump needs a lot of Water to fill up a hole in the ground. The little splash of liquid you see in the above image is around 45-60 water, so filling up a larger pool will likely take several hundred units of Water. If you need to fill up a large area, it may be better to use Dams and Levees to divert Water instead.

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