Timberborn Update Adds Robot Beaver Workers And More

Published: September 14, 2022 10:58 AM /


A beaver colony in Timberborn with a Timberborn Update 2 logo over the top

A new Timberborn update is upon us, and it's finally bringing the dreams of every crazed beaver-themed supervillain to life. With the introduction of golems, you can now build robot beavers that perform the same duties as squishy organic ones, and there's a bunch more stuff in the update as well.

What's been added in this latest Timberborn update?

It's fair to say that Timberborn has proven pretty popular. The beaver-based colony sim leapt to 100k sales within its first week, and at the time of writing, it's managed to shift 750,000 copies, which is pretty dam impressive (ahem). If it's been a while since you dove back into this survival sandbox, then this new Timberborn update may well convince you to do so.

First up, Timberborn golems have finally arrived on the scene. These mechanized beavers can do everything their organic masters can do, but they will need to be built and powered. If you build golems, though, you'll also get access to the new terraforming system, which lets you reshape your maps. Make sure you watch how Timberborn's water physics interact with terraforming; it's a treat.

A thriving beaver colony in the new Timberborn update with a banner below reading "NEW FEATURE: TERRAFORMING"
Timberborn will now let you terraform your maps so you can shape them however you like.

As well as golems and terraforming, the well-being system has received what Mechanistry is calling "a significant update". Units' stats will now be clearer, and you can't starve your beavers anymore, you monster. As part of this well-being update, "negative effects" have also been added, wherein beavers will suffer from problems like broken teeth or bee stings. These effects will naturally have an impact on how hard they work.

There are a bunch more updates and tweaks in this Timberborn update as well. New ways to generate Science Points have been added, and you can now store excess energy in Gravity Batteries. A new Migration Panel has also been added to make it easier to migrate beavers between districts, and the new player experience has also been tweaked to make it a bit more forgiving. If you tried Timberborn and bounced off it because it was unwelcoming, now might be the chance to head back in and try it again! Make sure to read the full Timberborn patch notes for a rundown on all the other major balance tweaks and quality-of-life updates that have been added.

What is Timberborn?

Timberborn is a beaver colony survival sim in which your job is to raise and maintain a colony of hardworking beavers. You'll need to manage terrain, control rivers (your colony is full of beavers, after all), and respond to natural disasters like droughts. To do so, you'll gather resources, build your colony up, and master the elements around you.

There are two beaver colonies available in Timberborn: the Iron Teeth and the Folktails. As you might expect, the Iron Teeth are all about industry, while the Folktails love nature and try to exist in harmony with it. Both factions play differently, so be sure to try them both out to see how they're different.

A tightly-packed colony flanked by trees, fields, and water in Timberborn
Timberborn tasks you with seeing how long you can keep a colony of hyper-intelligent beavers alive.

You can check out Timberborn right now on Steam Early Access. It'll cost you $24.99 or your regional equivalent. If you've just started up your beaver colony and everything is looking a little overwhelming, you'll be pleased to know we've got you covered with some top-class Timberborn guides on everything from beginners' tips all the way through to suspension bridges and more.


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