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Highlighted tree area in Timberborn

Timberborn trees can be a little hard to figure out. With different factions and tonnes of information to take in, here's what you should know

Different types of trees in Timberborn

It is important to note that there are different types of trees in Timberborn that you should make note of. There are birch, pine, and maple trees. It is important to distinguish which ones you plan to use, as they have different growth rates and yield rates. The birch tree is the quickest tree to grow, as it only takes nine days to grow. However, it will only give you one log per tree. In my opinion, it isn’t worth growing them unless you desperately need wood in some kind of emergency.

Then there are the pine trees, which take twelve days to grow, and will give you two logs per tree. These are the trees that you will most likely come across when you first start chopping trees down in Timberborn. Then is the final tree, the mighty maple tree. This tree takes twenty-four days to grow, but yields the most logs at a grand total of eight logs per tree! If you can grow these, it is highly recommended to do so. In my personal save, I have a mix of pine and maple trees, so that I know I won’t run out of wood any time soon. 

Once you expand and explore, it is more than likely you will come across dead trees. These can be cut down and yield one log each. These can be very handy for emergency supplies for wood, especially in the dry season. 
Timberborn trees

Timber Born Trees - First Steps

The first thing you need to do is build a forester. It is an absolute must to be able to plant trees, as you can’t plant them without it. It doesn’t cost logs to build it, but you will need a worker in the forester at all times if you want to plant anything. From there, you can click the plant trees button and choose your trees, and plant as many as you want, providing you have the logs and water for it to keep them hydrated.

Now that your trees have been planted, they will have a percentage bar to show you the growth of your trees. Once they have fully grown, they are free to be chopped down. To get rid of the tree stumps in the ground, click the button for demolishing resources, and mark the stumps for demolition. The beavers will eventually chop them down, and the ground will be clear again, ready for the next round of trees!

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