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A palette gallery of rogues.

With Hood: Outlaws and Legends being the new arrival in competitive multiplayer town, players are already working hard to optimize their play styles. Since teams are restricted to four players only, the roster is made to match. With so few characters to play with, it’s easy to become familiar with all of them over a few sessions. However, it’s important to note that they all play quite differently and fulfill different roles. Depending on your playstyle, you may find yourself having a better time with some characters over others. By examining each character’s strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be able to find the one who’s right for you.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Character Breakdown

Hood: Outlaws and Legends offers four distinct characters and classes. There’s Robin the Ranger, Marianne the Hunter, John the Brawler, and Tooke the Mystic. They are a ranged, stealth, tank, and support class respectively. While there are currently no rules against everyone picking the same character, a diverse team is a successful one.

Robin, the Ranger (Ranged DPS)

The ranged fighter.

Arguably the titular Robin Hood, Robin is the quintessential archer. He arms himself with a longbow and a starting quiver of 7 arrows. He has the longest attack range of any character and is able to do high damage even to well-armored targets. He’s also the only character who can tag multiple targets so he and his teammates can keep track of them. His gear is a flash bomb that detonates almost instantly when thrown releasing a blinding light that stuns surrounding enemies long enough to get away or turn the table during combat. He’s the only character with a ranged special attack that allows him to fire an explosive arrow that can take out multiple enemies. 

His biggest weakest is that he’s quite fragile, having low health and defense. In melee combat, all he can do is swing his bow which does little damage.

Marianne, the Hunter (Stealth DPS)

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Likely based on Robin Hood’s love interest, this Marianne has far more presence yet can conceal it well. Her weapon of choice is an Assassin’s Creed style wrist-blade and crossbow that holds 9 bolts. She can attack from a long distance and fire three bolts at once, but her specialty is stealth-kills allowing her to instantly dispatch targets from any angle as long as they don't detect her. Her gear supports this strength being a smoke bomb that obscures enemy vision and puts her in an undetected state. Her special is supernatural in that it allows her to literally turn invisible until her special meter runs out or she attacks.

Sadly, like Robin, she’s held back by a relatively low damage threshold. Though her wrist blade does average damage, it’s not worth the risk to seek fights.

John, the Brawler (Tank)

The brawn.

Robin Hood is usually in the company of his sidekick or right-hand man Little John and this John is anything but little. Lugging around a large hammer and an even larger frame, he’s probably the last guy you’d pick for a stealth mission. Though he’s still able to sneak around, he’s far more comfortable out in the open. With his strength, he can lift portcullises that block routes during lockdowns and carry the chest at the fastest rate. With his brawn, John can take multiple hits and fight off groups of enemies. He’s also able to break through armored enemies and do considerable damage to the Sheriff.

John's bomb is a classic explosive that explodes in a fixed radius able to kill multiple enemies and even down the Sheriff on occasion. His special boosts his power and stamina for a limited time to tank more hits and dish out more damage. John’s main drawback is that he lacks versatility. He doesn’t have any form of ranged weapon and so he’s unable to deploy ropes from below. He’s also quite a large target making it easy for him to be spotted and attacked.

Tooke, the Mystic (Support)

The healing monk.

Another staple in Robin’s gang is some form of holy man, in this world the role is filled by a monk named Tooke. Carrying himself with dignity as well as an ornate censer, Tooke rounds out the combat side of things. Using his censer, he can use sweeping attacks and even launch it from a medium range. Having honed his skills, Tooke has the fastest stamina recovery of any character. His bomb specialty is gas which when thrown creates a poisonous green cloud that drains stamina, disarms guards, and partially obscures vision. His support prowess comes from the special power that allows him to fully heal his teammates in an area.

Similar to John, Tooke lacks variety in his arsenal. Though his censer provides more range, it’s not strong enough for stealth kills or long enough for deploying ropes. He’s also not as beefy as John and his poison bombs also drain the stamina of his allies.

Before planning a heist, make sure you thoroughly research every potential recruit. Once you know all about them, you’ll be able to make the best decision for you.

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