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Hood: Outlaws & Legends Hideout Guide

Published: May 11, 2021 1:12 PM



Wondering how to upgrade your Hideout in Hood: Outlaws & Legends? It's not too hard to do; our Hood Outlaws and Legends Hideout Guide will tell you how to do it (and why you should). 

Hood Outlaws and Legends hideout
The "Scales of Justice" determine whether you keep some coin for yourself or give it to the people.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends - How to Upgrade Hideout

Upgrading your Hood: Outlaws & Legends Hideout isn't immediately intuitive and it can be quite easy to miss; you have to use the "Scales of Justice" that appear at the conclusion of a PvPvE "Heist" match.


Once a match is done, all players will be presented with the opportunity to adjust the Scales of Justice. This lets you use gold "For the Purse" or "For the People," each of which has a different effect on the game.

  • For the Purse – Any Gold put towards this option will end up in your pocket and can be used to purchase weapon skins and character skins (among other things).
  • For the People – Gold put towards this option will upgrade your Hideout rank; you can see the progression towards the next Hideout Level on the green arrow below your current Hideout Level.

Hood Outlaws & Legends - How to Upgrade Hideout - weapons


Why You Should Upgrade the Hood Outlaws and Legends Hideout

There's one last question for our Hood: Outlaws & Legends How to Upgrade Hideout guide — what do you get for upgrading your Hideout? In short: you'll get access to some pretty cool cosmetics.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends has launched with a fair amount of cosmetics. Cosmetics have to be purchased with Gold (which you can earn through normal gameplay), but you'll need to unlock the ability to purchase them first. Some of these cosmetics require you to reach a certain Character Level, but a handful requires that you get a higher Hideout Level instead.


So that's it — upgrading your Hood: Outlaws & Legends Hideout will give you the opportunity to purchase more weapon and armor cosmetics. If you see a design that you particularly like, it's time to start giving some coin to the people!

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