How to Play Hood: Outlaws & Legends Singleplayer

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Can you play Hood: Outlaws & Legends singleplayer? While it's primarily a multiplayer game, it's possible to play it by yourself — but it might not be a good idea unless you're up for a big challenge.

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It's a little hard to win without other players backing you up.

Can You Play Hood: Outlaws & Legends Singleplayer?

Yes. you can play Hood: Outlaws & Legends singleplayer. The "Heist" game mode requires two teams of 4, but you can play the "Training" game mode with 4 people or fewer — and yes, that means that you can play it by yourself.

However, there are some things that you need to know going in. As noted in our Beginner's Guide, picking up the chest from the vault will immediately trigger a Lockdown. That means you're going to need to be absolutely certain that you have a clear path to a Winch — and even then, you might still be in for a tough fight.

How to Play Hood: Outlaws & Legends Singleplayer

  1. Go to the Heist selection screen from the Hideout.
  2. Select "Training."
  3. Select "Custom Game."
  4. Choose your map and your difficulty.
  5. Start the game. Do not invite anyone else; you can start a game by yourself. It's that easy!

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Singleplayer - characters

Which is the Best Character for Hood Outlaws & Legends Singleplayer?

Playing Hood: Outlaws & Legends singleplayer is a unique challenge, especially because the game works best in a multiplayer scenario. That said, it is possible to win a game playing solo. Here are some strategies for each of the four characters!

Playing Solo as Robin

Robin works best at range, so you really want to avoid taking on enemies head-on as much as possible. Try to save your Farsight Ability for the final extraction — you can eliminate a bunch of enemies in one shot. Unfortunately, your Flash Gear won't be much help in advancing the Winch — save it to stun enemies and kill them.

Playing Solo as Marianne

Marianne is one of the better choices for Hood: Outlaws & Legends singleplayer. Her Shadow Trait lets her easily assassinate enemies from any direction while in bushes, Shroud, or Smoke; use her Smoke to eliminate any and all enemies surrounding the Winch. Alternatively, you can use the Smoke to keep turning the Winch and try to advance as much as possible; you'll get at least one notch (and two if you're lucky!)

Playing Solo as John

John isn't a bad choice, either — he can move faster with the chest and he has the ability to damage heavily-armored enemies with purple health bars in open combat. All you can really do is kill enemies as they come up to the Winch and then get back to cranking as soon as you can.

Playing Solo as Tooke

Tooke's strength lies in his ability to keep enemies at a distance with his Flail. His Gas Gear can let you get one (maybe two) notches without any trouble, and you can always heal yourself with his Instinct Ability in a pinch.

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