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The second level of Doom Eternal, Exultia, features 14 total collectibles to find. You'll be going through the realm of King Novik and eventually Hell itself to meet the Betrayer. In total, you'll find:

  • Modbot
  • Codex Pages
  • Toys
  • 1 Rune
  • 1 Empyrean Key
  • 1 Sentinel Battery
  • 1 Album

All Collectibles in Doom Eternal Exultia

Codex: Exultia 

codex 1

Shortly after the mission starts, you'll have to punch through a wall. Codex: Exultia will be on the left of the wall, near a cliff.



Not long after you get the Blood Punch ability, there will be a hallway with electric wall emitters. The Rune is at the end of this hallway. The Rune will be marked as an objective, and thus can't be missed.

Arachnotron Toy


After you get the Rune, there will be a set of stairs that you have to descend. About halfway down the building, there will be a room on the right, where a Demon Soldier typically spawns. This room has a breakable wall that is hiding the Arachnotron Toy.

Codex Entry: The Wolf

codex 2 map

Eventually, you will have to do some minor platforming with wall climbing to get to a room with a centrifuge-like device. You'll know it's the right place by the presence of a kneeling Sentinel statue on a bridge. Before you enter the room however, look behind you. The Codex Entry: The Wolf will be next to a gate on a ruined bridge.

Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Part 1

history 1 codex

Unmissable. Right next to one of the chains that you have to punch in the centrifuge room, you'll find Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Part 1.

Codex Entry: King Novik

king codex

When the brief cutscene with King Novik ends, go down the hall. Codex Entry: King Novik will be on the right, about halfway down the hall.

Sentinel Battery

The Sentinel Battery will be marked as an objective and can't be missed.

Album: At DOOM's Gate


After you arrive in Hell, there will be an area after the first combat encounter where there's a giant mech arm pointing at a wall with glowing yellow cracks. On the mech arm's left is a cube that you can punch. This opens a secret area to the album.


bot cave

On the right of the aforementioned mech arm is a flesh cave. Enter the cave and follow the purple goo until you find a climbable pillar in the center of a room with a 1Up. Jump to the right of the pillar to land near the bot.

Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 2

codex history 2

After you power up the mech arm to blow up the wall, there will be a wall climbing segment. Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 2 will be on the landing area after you climb up the final wall.

Sentinel Crystal


Eventually, you will have to power up another mech's shoulder gun to blast through another wall. This leads to a cave with purple goo. Follow the purple goo to reach the Sentinel Crystal.

Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 3

codex 3

There will be a small cutscene that introduces falling platforms. When the cutscene concludes, follow the rock structures on the left. Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 3 will be on the last safe area before you have to go onto the falling platforms.

Empyrean Key


When you complete the falling platform segment, you'll end up in a cave with a green torch that leads to an electric wall. Instead of going through it though, jump to the top of the cave with the green torch. Dash through the dash cooldown in the direction of the exterior of the cave to land on the Slayer Key. Drop down to open the Slayer Gate. Beat the Gate encounter to get the Empyrean Key.

Cacodemon Toy

caco toy

Eventually, you will find yourself next to a lava waterfall (or lavafall) and VEGA will say that the Betrayer is nearby. Instead of jumping down onto the platform below, jump across to the top of the lavafall. The Cacodemon Toy will be tucked away in the far corner, behind some rocks.

Codex Entry: The Betrayer


After you meet the Betrayer, Codex Entry: The Betrayer is next to a jump pad. 

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