Doom Eternal Collectibles Guide: Cultist Base Secrets Locations

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The third level of Doom Eternal, Cultist Base, features 17 total collectibles to find. You'll be going through a snowy region full of demons and picking up some excessively powerful weapons along the way. In total, you'll find:

  • Modbot
  • Codex Page
  • Toys
  • 1 Cheat Code
  • 1 Sentinel Crystal
  • 5 Praetor Suit Tokens
  • 1 Empyrean Key
  • 1 Album
  • 3 Sentinel Batteries
  • 1 Rune

All Collectibles in Doom Eternal Cultist Base

Codex Entry: Cultist Base


As soon as the mission starts, look right to find Codex Entry: Cultist Base.

Gargoyle Toy

garg toy

There will be a platforming segment where you have to jump onto a jump pad, climb a rock face, and then climb a wall that has glowing red Hell energy on it. Before you punch through the wall though, turn around and look for a giant skull with a secret on top. There, you'll find the Gargoyle Toy.

Sentinel Battery


In the first major combat area, go to the cliff. If you face the water and look to the right, there will be another smaller cliff. Jump to it and it will lead you to a punchable switch that's hidden behind a breakable vent. This switch activates a jump pad in the middle of the combat area which will throw you into a cave with the Sentinel Battery

Praetor Suit Token 


Located on the platform after the first Mancubus encounter. 



After you get the Rocket Launcher and use it on some Demons, there will be a timed monkey bar sequence that will lead to the roof of the building. The Rune will be on the platform after you climb the wall that has Hell energy on it. Just climb to the top of the wall, then turn around. 



After you kill your first Whiplash, there will be a glowing green pad that you have to stand on to open the door.

Praetor Suit Token


After you get the Modbot, there will be a tunnel on the left. Halfway down this tunnel will be a breakable ice wall on the left side. Jump through and drop down to get the Token.

Sentinel Battery


Eventually, you will arrive at what one can assume to be the main Cultist Base building, complete with a massive combat encounter, drawbridge, and giant door. Before you pass through the giant door, follow a trail of rocket ammo to the left. A Cacodemon can spawn on top of the Sentinel Battery.

Sentinel Crystal

At some point, you will find yourself in a room (or more accurately, a giant pit) where the floor is covered with blood. You will need to press a skull button to lower the gates in the blood floor room, which also happens to lower the gate in the center pillar right in front of you. The Sentinel Crystal will be in the pillar.

Praetor Suit Token


During the moving wall segment, go into the left compartment of the moving wall. This brings you downstairs where some giant boxes are being stored. To progress with the mission, jump on the boxes and go right. To get the Token, get on the boxes and move forward. 

Sentinel Battery

battery 3

After you complete another timed monkey bar sequence, you will end up in a hallway with a couple of Revenants. After you kill everything, go forward (relative to where you first entered the hallway) and to the left, where another moving wall will bring you up into a secret compartment where the Sentinel Battery is.

Cheat Code: IDDQD


After you get your Super Shotgun, there will be a room with several pillars being held down by chains. Clear the room out by punching all the chains. This unlocks the center pillar. Use the monkey bars sticking out of the sides of the center pillar to do a twist jump onto the top of the pillar, and you'll find a Cheat Code.

Soldier Toy

sold toy

There will be a hallway with falling cleavers. About halfway through the hallway, there will be a breakable wall that's hiding the Soldier Toy.

Praetor Suit Token


After you turn on the jump pads, jump onto the floating sarcophagus. The Token will be on the opposite side of the room from where the objective marker is.

Album: DOOM 2 - Into Sandy's City


At some point, you will end up in a meat masher room with tentacles. From the start of the room, go forward and to the left until you find a masher that goes down. Climb onto the masher and quickly move forward into the caged room to get the album.

Empyrean Key


Eventually, there will be a giant room where a four-armed demon has been crucified. To the sides of this demon, below the floor are climbable walls. Complete the platforming sequence to land at the top of the room. The Slayer Gate will be on the opposite end of the room from where the demon is.

Praetor Suit Token


Before you leave the Base and enter the Terrordome, go to the right.

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