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Frame Break
Xbox Series X|S, PC
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Have you ever wanted to start a thriving community from the ground up, and mold it into your very own vision of a perfect world? Lightyear Frontier allows you to do just that. You will begin your journey on an alien planet that is far, far away from Earth, where you notice a vast expanse of land just waiting to come to life. With a little scavenging, digging, mining, and building, you will soon see your vision begin to come to fruition. 

Lightyear Frontier features several intricate farming mechanics, where you will sow your seeds and raise them to be flourishing crops. Seeds can be found through exploration of the new planet, and each of these seeds will need the perfect conditions and schedule to grow big and strong! Water those crops to keep them healthy, and make sure to use fertilizer if you can to keep them going in the right direction. 

Farming isn't the only thing to do around here, as you must explore these new lands to uncover lost and ancient secrets, some of which will be technologies the world has never seen before. There are several different biomes and environments to traverse, keeping the game exciting and new with every step. You will do all of the above actions mentioned within your Mech Suit, which you will also have to maintain to keep it functioning properly. Plus, you can add your very own personal touches through customization to keep your Mech Suit up to par with your cosmetic standards.

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While your mech can handle anything the world throws at you, feel free to invite up to three friends to join you on this journey of settling and exploration! Pool your resources to create the perfect exofarm, and share the rewarding feeling of a good harvest with your pals!