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Youtuber NepentheZ Pleads Not Guilty To FUT Galaxy Gambling Charges

In September, we reported that the first ever video game gambling charges in the UK had been brought against the Youtuber NepentheZ (also known as Craig Douglas) and his associate…

Monster Truck Destruction

Steam Developer Threatens NerdCubed Over 2015 Video

Chances are, you probably haven’t heard of Monster Truck Destruction. Put out for $5 onto PC by ODD Games and Merge Games in July of 2015, the game was originally available…

H3H3 Productions

H3H3 Productions Lawsuit Helps Start Fair Use Protection Account (FUPA)

If you pay attention to YouTube at all, you may have heard what Ethan and Hila Klein of H3H3 Productions have been going through recently. In case you haven’t, H3H3…