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Grand Theft Auto Online Gets A Halloween Event

Grand Theft Auto Online (the multiplayer component for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V) will be having a Halloween event from now until November 16th according to an announcement on Rockstar’s website. This…

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Shoestring Gaming – War Games Vs. Rockstar

Welcome once again to Shoestring Gaming, where we browse the Internet for the best deals this week so you know exactly where to get great games without having to burn…

LA Noire

Best Game of Gen 7 – L.A. Noire

Game of the generation automatically is going to be a contentious title for any game. Everyone has different tastes and even within similar tastes there are slices of life. #TeamLightning…

Grand Theft Auto V

New Update For Grand Theft Auto V, Reportedly Breaks Mods

Rockstar has released a patch for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, and users are reporting that the update is breaking user-created mods. Patch 350.1’s changelog deals primarily…

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Rockstar Under Fire After Social Club Accounts Stolen, Customer Hangups

 It has become an expectation that hyped PC releases will run into some issues, and GTA V has not been an exception. Many people have taken to the Internet with…

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GTA V PC Specifications & Release Date Announced

Rockstar Games have announced the release date and the system specifications for GTA V PC, as well as screenshots and a few other tidbits of info on their official newswire.…


UPDATED: GTA V removed from Australian retail chain

Grand Theft Auto V may not be outright banned in Australia, but the game will no longer be sold on Target Australia’s shelves, a media release reports today.


Heists finally coming for GTA Online

This is probably one of the most anticipated and delayed updates in the history of the franchise, but looks like the wait is coming to an end. In a post…

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Rockstar launches Grand Theft Patch

Yesterday, Rockstar released a new patch for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Steam that represents some of the issues with digital distribution, mandatory patches and licensing agreements. The patch…


GTA V’s First Person Mode

After the rumors of there being a first person view in the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions GTA V, Rockstar have released a trailer showing off the new feature.…