GTA Online Jobs Removal Marks Content Rotation Coming to GTAO

Rockstar has announced that Grand Theft Auto Online will be removing jobs as part of an ongoing rotating content for GTAO going forward, as jobs will leave and return

Published: July 8, 2021 11:42 AM /


GTA Online

Rockstar has announced a change coming to Grand Theft Auto Online. Starting with the current event Grand Theft Auto Online Jobs will be removed on occasion to make room for new content, until the same jobs rotate back in the future.. The full quote is below:

Starting with this event, we will begin removing individual Jobs to make room for further updates. These Jobs will be cycled in and out over time as we continue to add to the game in the future.

The removal here probably has to do with shrinking the file size to some extent, and also focusing players on jobs. Grand  Theft Auto Online is known for having many activities that have almost no one doing them, so a content rotation policy would allow them to highlight certain jobs or even modes if it is expanded. It also gives them time to refresh them for when they return with some tweaks.

This isn't the first time something has been removed out of GTA Online. Back in 2018, 5 contact missions were removed in version 1.27 and 9 last man standing missions were removed, so it isn't as if there isn't precedent for this happening before. However, in those cases, it was permanent removal, rather than the rotation introduced here.

This has also happened in fellow service game Destiny 2, where last year it was announced in-game content was also being removed and being placed into "the Vault. This meant 7 Strikes, 2 Gambit maps, 11 PvP Crucible Maps, 7 PvP Crucible Modes, 5 Raids, 10 Catalysts, and 11 Exotic Quests.

Anyways, it isn't all bad news for GTA Online, with Freemode Events and Challenges lasting through July 19 and giving out triple rewards. There's also seven new Survivals that are out now, with all of them "dishing out 2X GTA$ and RP, while competing in any of the new Survivals will land you a lump sum of GTA$100K within 72 hours of playing." Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

If you'd like to check out more details on the rest of the update that's coming to GTA Online, be sure to go here. For more information on GTA Online, Destiny 2, and everything else in between, be sure to stay tuned to TechRaptor.

Quick Take

So basically what I'm saying is that while it sucks to lose content in GTA Online, at least it isn't Destiny 2 where Bungie seemingly removed a decently-sized chunk of the game? Ugh. How about we just keep all the content that's made for each game, eh?

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