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Among Trees

Among Trees is an open world survival game developed and published by FJRD Interactive. You play as an unnamed explorer, who must scavenge materials and other supplies in an abundant forest to…

January 8, 2023 | 04:14 EST

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Among Trees Review

Everyone has those days when you want to give up on society, grab an empty backpack, and move out into the wilderness. Fortunately, with FJRD Interactive’s new game, Among Trees, you get to live out…

November 17, 2021 | 10:00 EST

among trees fox in cabin

Among Trees Fishing Guide

Alright! Got your foxy friend in Among Trees? You'll need to feed them, but fishing is actually a little more tricky than it looks, so we're here to assist with our Among Trees Fishing Guide. Craft…

November 11, 2021 | 12:50 EST

Cabin Inside Among Trees

Among Trees Building Guide | Upgrade Your Cabin

Among Trees is a survival game all about abandoning the modern world and literally moving into a cabin in the woods. You are tasked with building a new home for yourself where you can craft items to…

November 11, 2021 | 09:31 EST

Among Trees

Among Trees Beginner's Guide

Among Trees is a delightful game where you are placed in a lush forest that you are looking to call home. For the most part, the game is a relaxing survival sim that is great to play if you are…

November 11, 2021 | 09:20 EST

Among Trees

Among Trees Release Date Sees it Coming to Steam

Developer and publisher FJRD Interactive has announced that Among Trees, an open-world survival crafting title, will be released out of Early Access on Epic Games Store and Steam for $14.99. The…

November 3, 2021 | 11:30 EDT

Among Trees screenshot - expanse

Among Trees Early Access Out Now on Epic Games Store

Have you ever wanted to get away from the hussle and bussle and engage with nature? Among Trees will give you that opportunity. Among Trees is a first-person survival sandbox game, essentially. In…

June 13, 2020 | 03:40 EDT

The Epic Games Store Spring 2020 logo

Epic Games Store Announces Upcoming Releases Including Among Trees, Industries of Titan

Epic has revealed the lineup of games coming to its Epic Games Store in spring 2020 and beyond. Indie experiments and silly physics-based sandboxes rub shoulders with major triple-A DLC releases in…

March 23, 2020 | 10:33 EDT