Among Trees

Among Trees Release Date Sees it Coming to Steam

November 3, 2021 11:30 AM

By: Patrick Perrault


Developer and publisher FJRD Interactive has announced that Among Trees, an open-world survival crafting title, will be released out of Early Access on Epic Games Store and Steam for $14.99. The Among Trees release date is November 10, so players won't have to wait too long to play through the beautiful-looking title. 

Among Trees has been developed by three people for the last 8 years, so the Among Trees release date must come as a relief after such a long period of time. It was initially announced to be coming onto the Epic Games Store last March, with a release for last June. During the Early Access period, the game added fishing and the ability for players to get their own fox companion. Other neat things added include a tent, a brewery, a hydration system, along with new loot and decorations.


What is Among Trees?

Among Trees is described as an open-world survival crafting title where the player is "surrounded by wildlife and nature". Players will have to scavenge for materials and craft tools. While doing so, players will work to turn what is initially a small cabin into a warm and well-supplied home. As for food, you'll be able to fish, cook, and grow your own food in the greenhouse. You can eat your plants raw or make a stew if you want better nutritional values.

Besides the bare necessities, you'll be able to explore the beautiful world that you find yourself inhabiting, which ranges from dense forests to dark caves. Be careful, though, as there are dangerous animals that wouldn't mind taking a swipe or two at you. If you don't want that, there's an included ZEN mode that will take out the dangerous animals.


You'll also be able to adopt a fox that you can feed, pet, and train to find loot, which sounds pretty useful, actually. All my cat does is try to sit on my keyboard while I'm working, which isn't nearly as useful.

For more information on Among Trees, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.


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