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Cabin Inside Among Trees

Among Trees is a survival game all about abandoning the modern world and literally moving into a cabin in the woods. You are tasked with building a new home for yourself where you can craft items to help survive the forest with. In fact, you will find that adding on rooms to your cabin is especially important as it’s the only way to gain access to important features like crafting.

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Main Cabin | Among Trees

The main cabin is where you start out in the game and is super easy to restore as all the items you need to repair it are lying on the ground around you. Once you restore your cabin, you have the option of building on and will be given three room types to build:

  • Crafting Room
  • Kitchen
  • Storage

You will want to focus on unlocking the room expansions in the order below, as each expansion will make your gameplay much easier.

  • Quick Tip: You can choose to save the building material list to your hud by interacting with the rooms, making it easier to recognize what supplies you are missing.

Keep in mind that every room gets a bit more complicated to build and that rooms like the garden will take advanced crafting supplies to complete. It’s best to slowly gather the materials for the later room while foraging for food and exploring the world around you.

Crafting Room | Among Trees

The very first room that you will want to build is the crafting room. This is an essential part of making tools, and without it, you likely won’t find yourself making much progress in the game. The crafting room is used to build items like axes and makes the items needed to build on the rest of the rooms to your cabinet.

  • 12 Fir Planks
  • 3 Steel Wire
  • 2 Stump Moss
Crafting Room Among Trees

Cooking Room | Among Trees

The kitchen should be your next stop on your building checklist. While you can eat raw foods while playing the game, they won’t fill your hunger meter nearly as much as they do when you cook them. In addition, cooking certain foods will even make them non-poisonous. To use the stove though, you will need to keep it stock with sticks.

  • 12 Fir Planks
  • 4 Bolts
  • 3 Driftwood

Storage Attic | Among Trees

When you build your cabin, you will receive a small storage chest automatically, but it can’t hold many items. To fix this problem, you can build on an attic that gives you more space to keep your food and building supplies. This becomes especially important as you craft more and more materials as space becomes precious.

  • 28 Fir Planks
  • 2 Steel Wire
  • 4 Nails

Garden | Among Trees

The Garden becomes available once you have built the kitchen. This room allows you to grow food, but you will need to collect seeds from rubbish piles and locked crates in order to get started. Additionally, you will also need to craft a watering can to grow plants successfully.

  • 24 Fir Planks
  • 3 Steel Plates
  • 1 Glue
Storage Among Trees

Brewing Room | Among Trees

This is another late-game room that you can use for making potions. These brews can help to keep you awake longer, keep you warm, and even help your sprint longer. This is another feature that will be more useful once you get a bit further into the game.

  • 36 Fir Planks
  • 8 Hoof Fungus
  • 12 Dogsbane Stems

Sewing Room | Among Trees

The sewing room becomes available once you build the attic. This gives you the ability to make bigger backpacks so that you can bring back more items from your journey. If you don’t mind having to eat raw food, then you may even want to try unlocking the sewing room before your kitchen.

  • 24 Fir Planks
  • 3 Metal Plates
  • 1 Glue

Upgrading your cabin is essential to progression in your journey within Among Trees - hopefully this building guide helps you!

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