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Among Trees

Among Trees is a delightful game where you are placed in a lush forest that you are looking to call home. For the most part, the game is a relaxing survival sim that is great to play if you are looking to get away from some of the more stressful games in the genre. Getting started can be a bit confusing, though, as Among Trees doesn’t give you a ton of direction. Our Among Trees Beginner's Guide should help!

Getting Down the Basics in Among Trees

You can pick from several different difficulties if you don’t want to deal with some of the harsher aspects of this game and are just looking to enjoy the forest. There are five stats that you will need to worry about maintaining, and they are on shown in the corner of your screen:

  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Sleep
  • Warmth
  • Health

The fastest depleting stat is hunger, and you will need to eat food quite often to keep it up. Next, you will need to worry about thirst; you can keep this stat filled by visiting the nearby river or eating foods like berries that give it a slight boost. You should always try and carry a bit of food on your to keep your hunger full.

The game does have a day and night cycle, and the later at night it gets, the closer your sleep bar is to being empty. You will need to make it home at night and sleep in your bed to keep it full. Warmth is the least alarming stat as it won’t decrease often and only really becomes a problem if you decide to go for a swim. When any of these run out, then your health will begin to deplete quickly; if your health hits zero, then it’s game over.

Lake Among Trees

Going on Your First Expedition in Among Trees

After you finish building your cabin, you will want to get ready to go on your first expedition out into the wilderness. Here are the tasks that you should worry about accomplishing on your first outing:

  • Finding the nearby river so that you can have access to water.
  • Gathering food such as mushrooms and berries.
  • Locating the nearby ruiner tower and collecting your first supplies.
  • Gathering materials for your crafting room.

While you likely won’t get all the supplies you need to build a crafting room on your first day, it’s imperative that you collect food and locate a nearby water source. Keep in mind that you can save at any time by stepping into your cabin and interacting with the journal near the door.

Be Bear Aware

While the game is peaceful, you will need to be cautious of bears. Bears can randomly spawn in the woods, and some may only be a little ways from your cabin. If you see a danger symbol pop up, then turn back or crouch down to avoid being spotted. If you are attacked by a bear, they will likely kill you at this point in the game. In addition, if you feel stuck, open the game menu; there is an option for resetting your position.

Be sure that you don’t wander too far from the cabin, as you will want to make it back by nightfall to sleep; later on, you can craft a tent for longer expeditions to make exploring the forest easier. If you get lost, simply look around as there is a marker that will show you the direction of your cabin.

Repair Cabin Among Trees

Building Up Your Cabin in Among Trees

You won’t be able to do much until you have built on to your cabin as many of the game’s features can only be accessed once you have unlocked certain rooms. The very first room you will want to build is the crafting room. This is the only way that you can craft items in the game, and without it, you won’t be able to make an ax for cutting trees or even a canteen for carrying water.

In addition to the crafting room, you will also need to build a kitchen to cook. Cooking food makes it more nutritious and will fill up your hunger meter faster than eating the item raw. This can save you a lot of time and resources, as well as make it possible to carry out longer expeditions.

There are also expansions for gardening, storage, and sewing, but these will likely be unlocked later in the game. Most of these acquire more expensive materials to build.

Among Trees Crafting Basics

Once you unlock the crafting room, you will be able to make a variety of items. It’s best to go ahead and make yourself an ax, as you will need access to plenty of wood to build on to your cabin. At any time, you can choose to save a crafting recipe to your hub to easily recognize what items you need to forage for to complete the recipe.

You will also want to hurry up and make the fishing rod once you unlock the kitchen in order to cook better meals.

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