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Alright! Got your foxy friend in Among Trees? You'll need to feed them, but fishing is actually a little more tricky than it looks, so we're here to assist with our Among Trees Fishing Guide.

Craft The Fishing Rod First | Among Trees

First, you need to find the blueprints for the fishing rod and have the craft room built. The blueprints seem to spawn in a variety of locations, so keep searching around for the small beams of light in the game indicating them. Fortunately, they don't seem to spawn too far from your home cabin, always within a day's walk using the game's base gear.

Once you've got your blueprints, go ahead and start crafting! You'll need 6x sticks, 2x Jute Rope and 1x Old Rags. Rope and Rags both come from the debris areas on the map, where you'll find boxes to smash and crates to lockpick open, and sticks come from the forest. These items are all attainable easily, so throw your rod together and head out to the lake!

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How To Fish In Among Trees

Fishing needs to be done in a lake, not a stream and certainly not a waterfall. Equip the fishing rod to one of your hot keys and when you take it out you'll be able to scan the lake for ripples. Cast your rod in an area around the ripples, it doesn't have to be exactly in the middle of them. Wait two or three seconds and then start reeling the rod in.

Once you have a fish on the line, a bar will pop up. As the game explains, if the bar fills up all the way, the tension causes the fishing line to snap, but if the bar is empty, the line is too loose and you lose the fish. If either of these happen, don't fret! There's plenty of fish and you can try again.

The best technique I've found, once you've hooked the fish, is to keep your finger on that left mouse button and be constantly reeling the fish in. Intermittent clicking is ineffective, and it's more trouble than it's worth to hold the button, let it go and pick it up again. So keep that finger on the button and constantly reel in your fish. However, the fish tend to dart left and right to escape their death, so you need to pull the opposite way. If the fish moves left, you move the mouse right and stay on the same screen so you can always see the bar. If you yank all the way to the side and lose sight of the fish you will break the line.

fishing pole with tension bar

Depending on how far away the fish is when you hook it, it may take some time to reel it in, but if the bar disappears without telling you - the line broke or the fish got away.

Fishing Loot Varies

Fish provide different loot depending on which kind you haul in. While all give fish fillets, there's also fish bones, waltz bleak skin and red fin perch skin, which will all be used for sewing once that room is unlocked.

That's the basics of fishing in Among Trees! If you're looking for more Among Trees guides, check out the ones below:

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