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Products to watch - Lumo Lift: Improve your posture

Technology article by Rutledge Daugette on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - 09:00

Lumo BodyTech is a company that is out to improve your health in many different ways, offering products aimed at people who are looking to both improve their health as well as keep track of it. In this day and age, as we all spend hours hunched over desks and laptops as well as laying on our couches and watching TV, our health is going to suffer because of that. Lumo BodyTech's goal is to help you both correct various posture issues as well as keep track of your health, in order to help you be healthier, more confident, and more comfortable. Their newest product, the crowd-funded Lumo Lift, is poised to essential track your posture in an effort to make you begin to start sitting up straight, standing taller, and more - all to improve your health.

Starting this article off a bit personally, I have two herniated discs, with one in my lower back and one in my neck. Both sports related (I miss and love Lacrosse), and consistently aggravated in my daily life, I find myself often in some measure of pain. After months of physical therapy, shots, and MRI's, my doctors continue to pound into my head that because I am at a desk as long as I am every day that I must have good posture and exercise regularly. But as many of you likely know, that is easier said than done. Even after setting up alarms on my phone and computer, I find myself continuing to slouch and stand poorly. I've been looking for a way to really help with this, and until now have been unable to find a product that could potentially help me.


Lumo Lift Sensor

Enter the Lumo Lift (and Lumo Back, which has already been released and I will talk about in a bit!). This small, lightweight, and incredibly smart device is a small "pill-shaped" device that clips to the inside of your shirt or collar with a (if you want) colored magnet, monitoring pretty much everything you do on a daily basis. This wonderful little device measures your steps, burned calories, and more importantly your posture!

Here's what this small, but incredible device can do for you. First off, it allows you to track your progress day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, allowing it to both personalize recommendations for you as well as insights into being more healthy. Easily the most important feature of the device is that you can turn on "PowerUp" mode which tells the device to vibrate any time you slouch or have otherwise less-than-ideal posture, helping you to sit straighter and stand taller, and helping with your confidence as well as demeanor when it comes to interacting with others. At the end of the day, pull up your iOS or Android (soon) app, and check your statistics for the day.


In regards to the importance of posture and health in people's daily lives and how many people are making strides to be better, CEO and Co-Founder Monisha Perkash said that:

These big efforts matter, but small changes like pulling your shoulders back, engaging your core and lifting your head can make all the difference in how you present yourself to others. Lumo Lift is the only wearable device that can watch your upper body position and remind you to stand tall and move powerfully throughout the day. Over time this builds both muscle memory and confidence in Lumo Lift wearers.

So far, we've had items like the Fitbit, the Nike+, Jawbone Flex, and more that can pretty accurately give you daily statistics and other metrics, but nothing that can reach out to the people like myself who need something to help us correct our postures to be more healthy and confident in our daily lives. Alternatively, Lumo BodyTech's product the "Lumo Back" is a fuller-featured version of the new Lumo Lift, and will give you more robust stats, diagrams and insights into your posture. But for those of you looking to just get a slight nudge in the "correct posture" direction - the Lumo Lift is a great way to get started.


[caption id="attachment_6298" align="aligncenter" width="600"]You can also get a variety of colors to customize your Lift You can also get a variety of colors to customize your Lift[/caption]

Check out the Lumo lift here, and if you're interested, the Lumo Back can be found here.

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