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Bryn Gelbart

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Writer Since: 2022

About Bryn Gelbart

Bryn Gelbart has been writing about video games since 2018. He is a well-rounded Freelance writer with years of experience who has contributed features, guides, and reviews to some of the biggest gaming sites around. The first game he ever played was Sonic the Hedgehog, which was a mistake he soon rectified by playing better video games. These days he can be found worshipping at the altar of FromSoftware. His relationship to games has changed a lot over the years, but they have and will always be an important part of his life. 

Outside of games, Bryn loves to cook, see live music, and walk his dog Arthur, who is the best boy ever. 

Favorite games:

  • Elden Ring 
  • Hollow Knight
  • Paradise Killer
  • Yakuza 0

Favorite genres:

  • Metroidvania
  • Horror
  • Narrative Adventure 
  • RPG