Five Cool Things in Pathfinder Lost Omens Firebrands

Published: May 1, 2023 11:00 AM /


Artwork from Pathfinder Lost Omens Firebrands featuring a swashbuckling pirate surrounded by a cheering crowd

With the release of Pathfinder Lost Omens Firebrands, another aspect of the world of Golarion takes the spotlight. As the title implies, this is a book all about revolutionaries, pirates, and disruptors of unjust or corrupt institutions. While the 130 page book focuses on a small part of this world, the devil is in the details. And there are plenty of details to enjoy. For Pathfinder players that want to enjoy the thrills of being a Firebrand, there are five cool things in this book you should check out.

1. Firebrand Lore

Given the vast history and density of the world of Golarion, it is a good thing that Pathfinder Lost Omens Firebrands doesn't just throw players into the deep end. The book goes into detail about the origins of several Firebrand organizations as well as different levels of reputation and popularity as denoted by Marks. It also highlights various nations and organizations that are friendly to the chaotic antics of the Firebrands' form of liberation. These include Andoran, with their tendency to involve themselves in other nations and their strict abhorrence of the institution of slavery, as well as the celestial azatas and the Bellflower Network of Ravenoul. The book also highlights different faiths and belief systems that are not uncommon among Firebrands like the LGBT progressive followers of Arshea, the dangerous deceptions of Calistria, and the disastrous collateral damage of Lubaiko.


Alternatively, Firebrands aren't complete allies to everyone. In addition to them having to avoid the oppressive actions of Cheliax, the organization has a complex frenemy dynamic with The Free Captains of the Shackles.

A sword fight between two people dressed in royal clothing on a rooftop from Pathfinder Lost Omens Firebrands
Of course they're going to duel. The real question is how playful the banter will be.

2. Unique Notable Figures

Since this is a sourcebook, Pathfinder Lost Omens Firebrands introduces new NPCs meant to embody different elements of a nation or organization. This sourcebook is no different, dedicating pages to fascinating personalities meant to add extra spice to a Firebrands campaign.

There are a few personal highlights. Rosdin Birghand is a dhampir dedicated to freeing people from vampire oppression in Ustalav caught up in a conspiracy in the county of Versex. Hollow Hart is a sentient intelligent pirate ship who sails the seas looking for the love of her life Captain Elsbeth Hart. Iqani Truthspinner is a kitsune that is the closest thing to a leader the Firebrands has, thanks to her strong charisma and tendency to issue dares and challenges to her allies, encouraging feats of daring and risk. Then there is the Sapphire Butterfly, a Batman-esque masked vigilante known for fomenting rebellions in the lands she visits.


3. New Player Backgrounds and Feats

Naturally, if your players want to be a part of this rowdy band of revolutionaries, they'll need to make sure their characters have the appropriate origins. Pathfinder Lost Omens Firebrands has seven new backgrounds which include Thrill Seeker and Free Spirit.

There are also new feats to help build your character into a real disturber of the peace. Personal highlight is the Deception skill feat Half-Truths, where you can substitute Deception for Diplomacy when making a Request and Diplomacy for Deception when telling a Lie. A close second is the Gunslinger class feat Ostentatious Reload, which lets you perform an elaborate juggling act with your pistols and ammo while reloading. Succeeding can lead to reloading two weapons with a single action, but degrees of failure can lead you losing precious ammo and not reloading at all.

Artwork for the Anylength Rope and Blink Blade from Pathfinder Lost Omens Firebrands
If you can't get creative with rope, ask your fellow players.

4. Helpful and Thematically Appropriate Magic Items and Spells

Lastly, Pathfinder Lost Omens Firebrands contains some fitting magic items for saboteurs, infiltrators, and assassins alike. Three notable ones include the adjustment Subtle Armor, which allows you to disguise armor as everyday clothing, the Anylength Rope which can expand or contract itself for ease and convenience, and the Blink Blade which allows you to teleport immediately after killing your target.


There are also some roguish spells to sift through as well. Some of these are thematically ostentatious like Confetti Cloud and Flashy Disappearance. Others are surprisingly helpful like Cutting Insult, which inflicts psychic damage by viciously insulting the target, and Nothing Up My Sleeve, which turns your sleeves into temporary extradimensional pockets.

5. A System for Firebrand Services

Finally, Pathfinder Lost Omens Firebrands has an entire section on different services and aids aspiring revolutionaries can call upon for aid. This includes getting key information through a network of scouts and scheduling for the delivery of covert supply caches, or even smuggling goods from location to location. There are even rules and costs for players seeking sanctuary in a safe house after finishing a job and how to introduce incendiary propoganda into a settlement. All of this comes together to help make a Firebrands-centered campaign feel like a revolution.


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