Pokemon Gets Adorable Kimono Pikachu Plushie

Published: March 20, 2023 5:55 PM /


Pokemon Pikachu Kimono Plushie

Today the Japanese Pokemon Center online store released an absolutely adorable new plushie portraying everyone's favorite electric Pokemon Pikachu. 

To be precise, the plushie portrays Pikachu dressed in a stylish kimono complemented by the traditional obi sash and Kanzashi hairpin. 

It can be purchased at the official site for 2,640 yen including taxes, which translates to approximately $20 at the current exchange rates. The plushie measures 22.3 x 16 x10.5 cm and weighs 109 grams. 

The kimono is decorated with the iconic "Koji-Tsunaji" pattern that repeats the kanji "Kou" (工) and symbolizes longevity.  The plushie has been released to celebrate the opening of the "Pokemon x Craft Exhibition: Discovering Beauty and Craftsmanship" which will be hosted between tomorrow, March 21, and June 11, 2023, at the National Crafts Museum in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture, in Japan. It features about 70 items mixing Pokemon and traditional Japanese craftsmanship. 

This is just one of many popular Pikachu designs featuring a variety of costumes, which our Brittany Alva recently featured in a dedicated article. It's also certainly one of the most unique and interesting. 

In the gallery below, you can check out what the plushie looks like from all angles.

If you're interested in the games belonging to the popular franchise, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is currently available exclusively for Nintendo Switch and just got a substantial update fixing many of its issues, while a DLC has been announced. Pokemon Sleep is also coming this summer.

If you love the franchise beyond its games, you can check out the latest Poke-Lids from Japan and a new Pokemon Jet featuring Exeggutor which just entered service in Japan. 



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