New World Trading Disabled After Another Economy Breaking Bug

Since Amazon Game Studios can't seem to catch a break, yet another New World gold dupe glitch has appeared, leading to trading being disabled

Published: November 15, 2021 8:30 AM /


A blacksmith working an anvil in New World

Are you a New World player? Tired of all the glitches recently? How would you like to see New World trading disabled again? Well, unfortunately, that's exactly what's happened. Yet another New World gold dupe glitch has led to Amazon shutting down trading while it investigates.

New World coin transfer disabled again? What's happening now?

If you've been following the saga of New World, you'll know we've danced this particular waltz before. Earlier this month, Amazon disabled New World trading in response to a gold dupe glitch appearing. That decision led to another gold dupe glitch, which was then subsequently squashed in New World update 1.0.5. Now, though, players are complaining that yet another gold exploit has emerged. This one revolves around players being able to duplicate Trophy items. Obviously, we wouldn't recommend you try to replicate this glitch, because you'll almost certainly be banned for it.

Players staring at a broken pillar in New World
I'll stop using this pillar as cheap visual shorthand for New World being broken when they fix the darn game.

For its part, Amazon says it's aware of this new gold dupe glitch. As a result, all forms of wealth transfer, which includes trading and coin transfer between players, has been disabled. Once the devs have investigated the exploit and are "ready to turn on wealth transfer" again, the forums will be updated. Make sure to keep an eye on them for further info.

What other New World glitches have caused trouble recently?

Unfortunately, New World is gaining something of a reputation for being a glitchy game. Whether it's exploits causing players to take no damage or bugs leading to a complete inability to moveNew World bug fixing is really starting to resemble a game of Whac-A-Mole. It seems like a new "we're aware of this and investigating it" message appears on the New World forums every day now, such is the frequency of glitches in Amazon Game Studios' MMO.

An adventurer strolling through the marketplace in New World
This New World marketplace is probably teeming with duplicated items and overpowered hatchets.

If Amazon wants to maintain the momentum New World picked up during its staggeringly successful launch, it's going to have to do something to show players it's on top of bug fixes. The forums are alight with players declaring they're done with the game and looking to move on. Of course, any MMORPG is going to have disgruntled players declaring it's "dead". In the case of New World, though, if the economy doesn't stabilize and this raft of glitches doesn't slow down, Amazon Game Studios is going to have a hard time convincing players to stay. We'll bring you more on this as we get it.

Have you experienced this latest New World gold dupe glitch (this one, not any of the others)? Let us know in the comments below!

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