New World Gold Dupe Exploit Appears After Trading Disabled

Amazon Game Studios has issued a temporary fix for a New World gold dupe glitch, but that fix appears to have caused a second gold dupe glitch

Published: November 2, 2021 9:43 AM /


A player wandering the marketplace in New World

New World's glitch woes continue. After players discovered a New World gold dupe glitch allowing them to duplicate currency, Amazon Game Studios shut down New World trading and transfers between players. Unfortunately, that seems to have opened up another gold dupe glitch.

What's the story behind these New World gold dupe glitch problems?

New World isn't having the best time right now when it comes to glitches. After players discovered bugs giving massive damage boosts and invulnerability, as well as the ability to post unsavory images via in-game chat (as well as use scripting to crash players, or gain gold), another bug was discovered whereby gold could be duplicated. In order to address this issue, Amazon Game Studios temporarily disabled in-game wealth transfers between players; right now, you can't send currency, access your guild treasury, visit trading posts, or engage in player-to-player trading. Sadly, the whack-a-mole game that is New World bug fixing seems to be in full effect; the temporary New World trade disable has caused another gold bug.

Four players staring at a shattered pillar in New World
Pictured: four New World players (who can't trade with each other) staring at a shattered pillar which may or may not represent New World's code.

Reports have popped up on Reddit and the New World official forums that the New World trade disable has enabled another method by which players can dupe gold. In essence, starting a new town upgrade but ensuring the upgrade doesn't actually start, then logging out and in again, will refund the cost of the upgrade to your company wallet. We strongly, strongly recommend you don't attempt to replicate this glitch yourself, as it could get you banned. Amazon has already said that players who attempted to use the previous exploit from which this new one sprung will be banned, so we can only imagine that when this one is discovered, the same will be true here as well.

What is Amazon Game Studios doing about this second gold dupe glitch?

Amazon has acknowledged that the second gold dupe glitch is happening and says it's in the process of dealing with it. In a response to the forum thread outlining the new glitch, moderator Luxendra says they "saw another report of this" and have escalated the issue to the developers. Luxendra doesn't provide any kind of time frame as to when players can expect a fix for this new glitch, but it's probable that Amazon will acknowledge it soon and explain what it's doing to fix the problem. Amazon will likely try to fix the first glitch, then turn its attention to the new problem afterwards.

A fortress battle in New World
Insert joke about an assault on New World players' company coffers here.

After a phenomenally successful launch, at time of writing, New World is still enjoying around 360,000 concurrent Steam players at peak times. With that in mind, it's definitely in the devs' best interest to squash bugs as quickly as possible before the player base grows frustrated or bored with the game and moves on. Unfortunately, it looks like the New World developers are struggling to keep up with the amount of game-breaking bugs that appear to be materializing, either with new updates or with fixes to old bugs. We'll have to wait and see what's in store for Amazon's MMO in the next few days. As ever, keep an eye on TechRaptor for more info.

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