New World Hatchet Bug Gives Huge Damage Boost to Players

A New World Hatchet bug has been discovered which erroneously gives players a 250% boost to their damage rather than the intended 10% per nearby target.

Published: November 1, 2021 3:26 PM /


New World Hatchet bug cover

The problems for Amazon's New MMORPG continue: a New World Hatchet bug is allowing players to use the "Against All Odds" perk and gain a massive 250% boost to their damage.

Things haven't been going so hot for New World in recent weeks. While the developers have been hard at work improving the game, its community has also been digging deep and discovering game-breaking bugs such as an invincibility exploit and a duping exploit. Now, another major bug has been uncovered which allows players to boost their Hatchet damage by an insane 250%.

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Why the New World Hatchet Bug is a Problem

The New World Hatchet bug is based on the "Against All Odds" perk which is supposed to give slight bonuses to damage when enemies are around you.

Against All Odds

Increase base damage by 10% for every enemy within 5 meters of player.

Unfortunately, the Against All Odds perk is a bit broken according to a bug report on the game's forums.

"Having 'AGAINST ALL ODDS' perk on hatchet, somehow this perk stops registering enemies leaving the radius (by dying for example), but still registers enemies coming in to radius & you get increasingly more damage all up to ~250% of your damage until you switch weapon," read the bug report.

I'm not too great at math, but I'm pretty sure 250% is a lot more than 10%. This bug can be a huge problem for PVP; fortunately, Amazon Games is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. Unfortunately, this isn't the only bug recently discovered -- a particular piece of food has also been discovered to give players a 40% damage reduction buff and 30% damage boost buff.

On the upside, some players are using the New World Hatchet bug for good. A bugged Reekwater quest called "Paths Unseen" had a little problem where it would spawn way too many ghosts for the players to take on. One group of players decided to equip hatchets and solve the problem the old-fashioned way: by killing everything in sight until the broken quest finally spawned the boss.

For now, Amazon Games has its hands full with bugs to fix; hopefully, players won't have to wait too long for these various bugs and exploits to get resolved. You can buy New World for PC via its official website starting at $39.99 or your regional equivalent.

What's the worst bug or exploit you've found in New World so far? Do you think Amazon Games will be able to get its MMORPG in better working order? Let us know in the comments below!

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