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Skinning Luck New World

You're going to find yourself skinning a lot if you plan to craft. This is why we've put together a New World Skinning Luck Guide that will help you find more rare skins.

What is New World Skinning Luck?

Skinning luck in New World increases your chance to get rare drops when you skin different kinds of animals around Aeternum. As long as your Skinning skill is high enough for each type of animal, you can skin it for the base resource, such as Rawhide or Fur. However, there are more rare types of wood and items you can obtain from certain animals, like Shadowfur and Shifthide. In order to get these, you'll want to raise your Skinning luck.

What Does Skinning Luck do?

Skinning luck increases the chances you'll get a special drop outside of the standard rawhide that you'll obtain from animals. Skinning is a bit different in that Skinning Luck is integral to getting the higher-tier rare items.

Here's what you can skin in New World, and from what:(rare drops bolded):

  • Tier 1
    • Rawhide: Almost all Skinnable creatures - level varies, as does output.
  • Tier 2
    • Ragehide: Alligator, Black Bear, Boar, Bison, Bobcat, Damned Hound Elk Bull, Elk Cow, Grizzly Bear, Lynx, Mountain Lion, Primal Lion, Strange Alligator, Strange Boar, Strange Bison, Strange Elk, Timber Wolf.
  • Tier 3
    • Fur: Dropped by level 20+ animals with fur
    • Scaly Hide: Alligator
    • Shadowfur: Level 22+ Skinnable Creatures
  • Tier 4
    • Thick Fur : Level 40+ Skinnable Creatures with fur
    • Brightscale Hide: Level 42+ Skinnable Creatures
    • Shifthide: Level 42+ Skinnable Creatures
    • Thick Hide: Level 40+ Skinnable Creatures
  • Tier 5
    • Infused Fur: Level 54+ Skinnable Creatures
    • Scarhide: Level 55+ Skinnable Creatures
    • Smolderhide: Level 55+ Skinnable Creatures
    • Iron Hide: Level 52+ Skinnable Creatures

If you want to Skin Shadowfur, Brightscale Hide, Shifthide, Scarhide, or Smolderhide, you'll want a higher Skinning Luck score in order to be able to find it more frequently.

How do I raise my New World Skinning Luck?

There are two ways to increase your Skinning luck - craft axes with the Skinning luck Perk, or by eating food that increases your Skinning luck for a period of time.

New World Skinning Luck - How to improve my luck by crafting?

Early on, Engineering level 0 is required to craft an Iron Skinning Knife, which gives a single Perk Slot. If you have a Starmetal Skinner's Charm, you can quickly add Skinning luck to the knife, or you can roll the dice and spend 15 Azoth to attempt to get a Skinning luck perk. As you grow your engineering skills, you'll be able to craft better knives with more slots for perks.

How to Get Starmetal Skinner's Charms

Steel Skinner's Charms can't be crafted, they have to be found in the myriad number of chests found across Aeternum. Your best bet, early on, is to purchase them from the Trading Post in one of the cities. For the best deal, should you choose to do so, be sure to sort by price from Lowest to Highest!

Skinning Knife New World

New World Skinning Knife

  • Level 0 Engineering: Iron Skinning Knife, 1 Perk Slot
  • Level 50 Engineering: Steel Skinning Knife, 2 Perk Slots
  • Level 100 Engineering: Starmetal Skinning Knife, 3 Perk Slots
  • Level 150 Engineering: Orichalcum Skinning Knife, 4 Perk Slots

New World Skinning Luck - How to improve my luck from food?

In order to ensure your Skinning luck is as high as possible, you'll also want to craft Skinning luck food. There are 5 Skinning luck recipes available that raise your Skinning luck:

New World Skinning Luck Recipes

  • Cooking Level 10 (Tier 1 Kitchen) - Carrots Cabbage, +1000 pts Skinning luck for 20 minutes
  • Cooking Level 20 (Tier 2 Kitchen) - Herb Roasted Carrots, +1400 pts Skinning luck for 25 minutes
  • Cooking Level 30 (Tier 3 Kitchen) - Carrot Soup, +1700 pts Skinning luck for 30 minutes
  • Cooking Level 40 (Tier 4 Kitchen) - Vegetable Boil, +1900 pts Skinning luck for 35 minutes
  • Cooking Level 60 (Tier 5 Kitchen) - Savory Fish Cake, +2000 pts Skinning luck for 40 minutes
Skinning Luck Food


New World's Crafting Systems are intricately intertwined with each other, cooking impacts your other skills, and to improve and craft better items, you'll need good engineering skills as well as a bit of, as you can see here, luck!

Happy Hunting!

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