Game-Breaking New World Invincibility Exploit Discovered

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Game-Breaking New World Invincibility Exploit Discovered

October 18, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams

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A player has discovered a game-breaking New World invincibility exploit, and that's just part of the problem -- left unchecked, this exploit could cause serious problems for Amazon's fledgling MMORPG.

New World has had more than its fair share of problems in the lead-up to launch. Amazon has been focused on fixes such as tackling the AFK player problem and rebalancing the conflict system, but some issues are a little more difficult to unravel. One such example is a delay on the ability to transfer between servers. New MMORPGs are hardly without problems, mind, but the troubles just keep on coming for New World -- a player has discovered a game-breaking bug that could have serious consequences for the integrity of Amazon's MMO.

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Why the New World Invincibility Exploit is a Serious Issue

The New World invincibility exploit was reported on the "Bugs and Exploits" section on the game's official forums by a player named Inkassokrav -- and the issues demonstrated with this exploit are just the tip of the iceberg.


As Inkassokrav's bug report notes, a player can run New World in windowed mode and drag around the game screen. Once that's done, their player character will freeze their movement and be rendered invulnerable. He also shared a YouTube video showing some players already using this exploit to prevent the capture of zones in PvP combat.

If you're not an MMORPG player, you might have missed the biggest part of the problem -- as highlighted in this Reddit submission, this New World invulnerability exploit is a likely indication that the game is "client authoritative" instead of "server authoritative." Most online games are "server authoritative" which means (in simple terms) that the server controls the more important actions in a game such as tracking player stats and inventory.

Conversely, a "client authoritative" game tracks all of this critical info on the player's PC. This kind of system is typically avoided for the simple reason that it opens up doors to exploits such as the one that was detailed in the preceding bug report.

New World invincibility exploit aside, the apparent client authoritative nature of the game means that it could also be open to item duping and various other kinds of hackers. If this is true, this is a serious problem that Amazon will need to address before the integrity of its game goes down the gutter.

Have you experienced any exploits in New World firsthand? Do you think Amazon will be able to fix this problem in a timely manner? Let us know in the comments below!

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