New World Bug Prevents Players From Moving

Yet another New World bug has appeared, and this time it's literally stopping players in their tracks

Published: November 12, 2021 10:37 AM /


A player walking through the marketplace in New World

The Earth has revolved around the Sun another time, which means another major game-breaking New World bug has appeared. This time, it's preventing players from moving completely and stopping them from respawning when they die.

What's the latest New World bug all about?

After squashing bugs that let players duplicate gold and run riot with a hatchet, Amazon Game Studios was likely hoping another major game-breaking New World glitch wouldn't appear for a while. Unfortunately, that hasn't proved to be the case. This latest glitch has been reported by a number of players, and it's causing them to get stuck in the Immobilized state. In this state, you won't bleed out, so you can't die, but you also can't respawn, so you're effectively stuck forever.

That pillar breaking again in New World
Given how broken New World is turning out to be, this image has proven to be prophetic.

Amazon Game Studios says it's "aware" of this issue and knows it has "hugely affected" players' ability to play New World, which is a pretty big understatement. Remarkably, the studio says it's working on a fix...for next week. Once it's been released, characters will have died and will be able to respawn as normal. That's right: if you want to play New World but this bug has happened to you, then you're going to have to wait an entire week. For a game with so many bugs to squash, that's not a great look.

When is the next New World update?

According to Amazon, it's planning to deploy a major New World update, which will also contain the aforementioned Immobilized fix, next week. You can check out the changes coming as part of the update if you try out the New World PTR, which launched earlier this week. An update was originally planned for this week, but the team has decided to delay it to ensure it's as polished and balanced as it can be. Given recent developments, that might be a bit of a lost cause.

The new Void Gauntlet weapon in MMO New World
When the next New World update launches, it'll most likely bring the Void Gauntlet weapon with it.

The developers have also shared their thoughts on a potential New World minimap. According to Amazon, this item isn't high on its list of priorities because it could potentially damage immersion and because other issues are "more pressing". It's hard to argue with them on the second front. Apparently, a minimap would also "limit the drive for exploration", and there would be technical issues with its implementation. Sounds like this feature isn't headed to the game anytime soon. There's also the recent New World datamine, which revealed a potential new biome and also a very definitely not controversial increase in the amount of XP needed to level up Trade Skills.

You can grab New World right now via Steam. It costs $39.99, but that's a one-off fee that doesn't necessitate any further subscription costs. Of course, it might be a little difficult for Amazon to justify asking folks to pay that price when a new game-breaking bug seems to appear every other minute. We'll bring you more on New World and its ongoing woes as soon as we get it.

Have you experienced this New World Immobilized bug? Let us know in the comments below!

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