Muv-Luv Dimensions Reveals "Burning of the Imperial Capital" Event & More

Published: August 29, 2023 7:39 PM /


Muv-Luv Dimensions - The Characters of The Burning of the Imperial Capital

Muv-Luv Dimensions developer NextNinja revealed the next update and major event coming to the recently launched Muv-Luv mobile game. 

The event is dedicated to Teito Moyu, which translates as "The Burning of the Imperial Capital" and is the prologue of Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. It's particularly beloved among the fans, and it was promised when the game passed 400,000 pre-registrations.

It'll have a structure similar to the summer event with the ability to play missions and enjoy the narration while accruing medals that can be exchanged for rewards. Among these, there will be a Rare Izumi Noto and a Super Rare Mig-21 Balalaika. 

It'll be hosted between August 31 and September 28, and like the summer event, it'll be split into two parts.

Each part will be associated with its own gacha. The first will include SSR Yui Takamura, SR Shimako Kai, and an SSR F-22A Raptor EMD Phase2 TSF. 

Muv-Luv Dumensions SSR Yui Takamura

Muv-Luv Dumensions SR Shimako Kai

Muv-Luv Dimensions SSR F-22A Raptor Prototype

The second gacha will include SSR Kazusa Yamashiro, SR Aki Iwami, and SR Kyoko Takatsukasa. 

Muv-Luv Dumensions SSR Kazusa Yamashiro

Muv-Luv Dumensions SR Aki Iwami

Muv-Luv Dumensions SR Kyoko Takatsukasa

You can check out the official trailer of the event in the video below at the 6:23 mark.

We also hear of changes being made with the 1.3 update also coming on October 31. 

Destroyer-class BETA won't interrupt skills anymore after they're activated, Fort-class BETA will be implemented, and an issue with devices going into sleep mode during mission auto-repeat has been fixed.

The amount of generic pilot fragments received from login bonuses and events will be increased and you'll be able to purchase them via recycle parts (5,000 for SSR, 1,000 for SR, 200 for R, and 50 for N). 

The UI related to them will also be improved with the ability to exchange pilot-specific ones with generic ones directly from the warehouse menu and the streamlining of the existing menu that lets you exchange them from a pilot's upgrade screen. 

Incidentally, speaking of The Burning of the Imperial Capital, we learn that the promised novel version will be distributed in late September.m 

If you're unfamiliar with Muv-Luv Dimensions, it's a free-to-play mobile game dedicated to the Muv-Luv franchise, but set on a completely new branch of the popular visual novel multiverse. Basically, it features the same characters (alongside a few new ones) but a different story. 

At the moment it's not available in the West, but the developers have expressed the hope for a global release in the past. 

The majority of the Muv-Luv visual novels are available in English on Steam (the original trilogy is also available on PS Vita) alongside the early access action game Project MIKHAIL: A Muv-Luv War Story. They're widely recognized as one of the best visual novel series of all time. 

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