Genshin Impact Reveals First Geo Character in a Long Time, Likely Coming in Version 4.3

Genshin Impact developer HoyoVerse has revealed Navia, the first new playable Geo character in a long time, and Chevreuse, a Pyro character, likely coming in version 4.3.

Published: November 6, 2023 9:54 AM /


Navia and Chevreuse in Genshin Impact

Today Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse revealed two new characters that will become playable via gacha in the popular fantasy RPG. 

The first character, revealed on X (formerly Twitter) is Navia, Commander-in-Chief of the Spina di Rosula and she's actually the first new Geo character to be implemented since Yun Jin in January 2022

The second character (also revealed on X) is Chevreuse, Captain of the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol. You can see what they look like below. 

Navia and Chevreuse in Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact's upcoming new characters Navia (left) and Chevreuse (right).

Navia is described as follows:

Navia: Helm of the Radiant Rose, President, Leader, Boss, Commander-in-Chief of the Spina di Rosula

Judging from her appearance, there's no doubt that Navia is the very picture of a Fontainian lady. She likes to accoutre herself in ornate dresses and fine hats, and carries with her a ribboned umbrella encrusted with jewels.
Thus bedecked, she flits around the streets of the Court of Fontaine, the slopes of Mont Automnequi, as well as lesser-known spots along the Fleuve Cendre. She's never before been hindered by her long flowing dress, nor by her deceptively heavy umbrella. Spry as a sparrow, she is the bearer of glad tidings from the Spina di Rosula for those in need.

Perhaps this is why Navia has become one of the famous reporter Charlotte's favorite subjects. At the exhibition hall of The Steambird, there even hangs a photo connected to her called "The Soaring Yellow Rose." But there's no need to worry — for it goes without saying that the photo's subject not only consented to its showing, but also gave her enthusiastic support.

  • Name: Navia
  • Title: Helm of the Radiant Rose
  • President, Leader, Boss, Commander-in-Chief of the Spina di Rosula
  • Vision: Geo
  • Constellation: Rosa Multiflora

We also get a similar description for Chevreuse:

Chevreuse: Executor of Justice, Special Security and Surveillance Patrol Captain

"Behave yourself or the Patrol will get you!"
— A warning often issued to naughty Fontainian children from exasperated parents. Of course, those children are too young to understand how ridiculous such a thought is — that you might be dragged off by the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol for going to bed too late, eating snacks after brushing your teeth, or getting bad grades. In reality, the only people that the Patrol are really after are notorious criminals. As children grow older and come to learn this, these warnings quickly lose their effect.

...But some members of the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol can't help but resent this type of "education" when they notice children on the street quietly slipping away as they approach. As they see it, painting such a picture of the Patrol couldn't be more inappropriate. If people are allowed to keep saying such things, then the Patrol's infamous reputation will loom like a shadow over the children of Fontaine, and who knows how long it will stay there?

"What's wrong with that?" This was Special Security and Surveillance Patrol Captain Chevreuse's response as she sat there dealing with official documents.
"I hope they'll always remember our 'infamous reputation,' and understand the meaning behind it..."
"...That way, perhaps there won't need to come a day when I have to drag them away for real."

  • Name: Chevreuse
  • Title: Executor of Justice
  • Special Security and Surveillance Patrol Captain
  • Vision: Pyro
  • Constellation: Sclopetum Ensiferum

Despite the timing of their reveal just before the launch of version 4.2 "To the Stars Shining in the Depths", we'll have to wait longer before they get their gacha debut and become playable in the game. 4.2's new characters are Furina and Charlotte.

This means that Navia and Chevreuse will likely be version 4.3's new character if HoYoverse's modus operandi with this kind of reveals is an indication. 

Genshin Impact is currently available for PS5, PS4, PC, iOS, and Android. It's a free-to-play title, but its business model includes plenty of inevitable microtransactions for those who want to make sure to get most of the new characters and costumes.

If you'd like to play another HoYoverse game, but you'd rather start fresh, you can already register for the next closed beta of Zenless Zone Zero. If you'd like to read more about it, you can take a look at our dedicated interview from Gamescom 2023.

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