Fortnite PlayStation Cup Offers $110,000 Prize Pool

Published: September 29, 2021 11:39 AM /


A promotional image for the Fortnite PlayStation Cup.

A brand new Fortnite tournament has just been announced. The Fortnite PlayStation Cup will have PS4 and PS5 players battling and outlasting each other as they compete for a $110,000 prize pool.

In a PlayStation blog post written by Steven Roberts, VP of Global Competitive Gaming, the Fortnite PlayStation Cup was announced to be a two-round tournament that uses the classic battle royale mode and not any other special modes. Players will have three hours to play up to ten games, and they can earn points by eliminating other players and surviving as long as they can. The top 100 players will then move on to Round 2, which will have six matches and double the value of eliminations. The tournament starts on October 2nd, and the exact time depends on where you live. For American players, Eastern players will be competing from 1-4 PM Eastern, while those in the West will be playing from 2-5 PM Pacific.


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September has been an exciting month for Epic and Fortnite. The Fortnite PlayStation Cup comes just off the cusp of the big Apple/Epic legal battle that has been going on for over a year. While most of the rulings went Apple's way, the judge did rule that Apple's requirement that developers use Apple's in-app payment system was anti-competitive, marking a major silver lining for Epic. Meanwhile, Fortnite held an event commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. and the March on Washington that was backed by TIME Studios and the Martin Luther King estate. It was certainly a well-meaning event, but also a very strange and awkward event. "I think Rick Sanchez and the Xenomorph from Alien learned something today, and have been given a lot to reflect on," joked video game critic Chris Franklin in a Tweet.

The Fortnite PlayStation Cup starts on October 2nd and is free to enter for any player on PS4 or PS5 who is at least level 30.


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